Yeastar S Series IP PBX providing advanced level business solutions

Yeastar IP PBX telephone system has become quite renowned amongst the users. It is quite a powerful IP PBX telephone system that is used by small and medium-sized businesses. Offices that are in the process of development can benefit from this sort of telephone system. There are some companies that have calls coming in now and then. Such companies can greatly benefit from Yeastar Mypbx IP Pbx telephone system. Some companies have many offices at different locations, so a strong communication channel is mandatory for them. This telephone system can be an ideal help for such companies and helps to keep the employees connected.

Yeastar MyPBX Telephone System Models

Connectivity is of the highest importance nowadays. It is imperative to keep a full connected team always at your disposal to conduct your business. Otherwise, it becomes challenging to run a successful business given the vast amount of businesses always ready to take you out. That is why you always need to try to stay ahead of the competition. To run a successful business, you must know where to cut down or compromise and where not to keep any stone unturned.

Connectivity is one such domain where you cannot afford to compromise as it bears a direct influence on your business. Hence you need to invest in the best products to keep your business up and running and always be on the lookout against rival business groups. The Yeastar S series VoIP PBX system is one such connectivity system that you should consider setting up for your business for the quality of service they have been putting out.

The system is designed to be installed very quickly with its advanced auto-configuration settings. The auto-configuration allows users who are new to the whole system, use it without feeling lost, also the intelligent system allows new users to get the hang of the system quite quickly. So you do not have to worry if you have not operated any similar kind of system before. Once you set it up, it is plug-and-play. You can use it to control your mobile and other telephone systems with its intuitive graphical user interface.

You can use it to get instant alert and notifications for important stuff via email, SMS or a simple phone call. Pretty convenient feature as it does not let you miss any important message or call and always keeps you updated and notified. Also, it is easily manageable from your personal computer, smartphone or any device that is internet enabled.

The system has a modular design with its flexible telephony system and can be easily scalable in the future. With the new S series, you could even decide what kind of extension or physical trunk you want in your telephone system. Moreover adding new users is also very easy and hence it turns out to be a very convenient system when your business expands. The system also handles concurrent calls with ease.

All kinds of telephony interfaces that the system supports are modular and also customizable as you wish them to be. The ‘FXS,’ ‘FXO,’ ‘ISDN,’ ‘BRI,’ ‘GSM’ etc. all are configurable according to your needs.

With a unified communications app such as Linkus, you could now get all the features of a desk phone in the palm of your hands. The application is available for all popular mobile interfaces such as android, ios, windows and Mac OS. The app allows you to receive and call via VoIP anywhere, all the time. Relatively new VoIP technology helps to bring down the cost of communication via the voice over IP protocol method of communication where voice packets are transferred over the internet. It helps to cut down vastly and is especially beneficial for small business owners who are struggling financially, to help them catch a sigh of relief.

The app also supports instant messaging and also allows to transfer files quickly and with ease. The cloud services offered by the app is unparalleled and allows you to store a large amount of data and important files and also the freedom to access it; however, you like it. In addition to those services, the device also supports the feature of ‘Outlook Contacts,’ ‘Google Contacts,’ ‘Salesforce CRM’ and ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrated’ etc. etc.

Leaving the app aside, what makes the system so good is its interoperability between system initiation protocol trunks and different IP phones and even IP door phones.

Exclusive features of Yeastar Mypbx

When you are looking in for telephone system installation, Dubai does explore the following features of Yeastar Mypbx.

  • Voicemail is one of the key services of Yeastar Mypbx Dubai. The voicemail greatly helps to keep the employees connected. Yeastar Mypbx allows the messages to be retrieved from telephone keypad through the phone’s context-sensitive The messages in the voicemail would show up just like the email messages.
  • Yeastar Mypbx also helps in retrieving voice messages via the email and thus provide efficient and fast access to useful information. There is a display on the IP PBX extension that will help you to get messages from the keypad on any required extension.
  • You can also get the exclusive call forwarding facility through Yeastar Mypbx. This way it becomes much easier to forward the calls to your home phone, mobile or even to your office.
  • Setting up conference calls is not a hassle with Yeastar Mypbx.
  • You can easily listen to the recorded voicemail messages and receive notifications even when you are out of the office.
  • You would not like to miss out on the key clients as well. The Yeastar Mypbx Dubai personal attendant feature is there for you. This way a personalized message is available for your personal clients and they can easily be directed to the person who can handle the client in your absence.

All the features that are mentioned above are all inclusive, and you would not require any extra licensing costs for any single one of them, and moreover, you also get access to a single app center to overlook and manage all the functionalities that have been mentioned above.

The system has bagged many accolades over the time it has been functional and has also received a large number of testimonies from its loyal clients and industry leading trendsetters indicating its terrific and consistent performance over the years. It is recognized as one of the ‘Top 10 Global IPPBX Providers’ and also it has received ‘TMC Communications Solutions 2018 Product Of The Year’ award. It has also received the award for ‘One of the most promising Solution Providers’ by ‘CIO Enterprise Communication.’

All in all the system provides excellent connectivity for all your needs and is a must-have tool when you want to manage your business efficiently.

Mypbx add-ons

Once you have a full-fledged Yeastar Mypbx infrastructure at your office, then you can have some additional facilities as well. This includes call center solution Dubai add-on. Exclusive call recording and call billing facilities are also available.

Selecting the technology as per your business need

With Yeastar Dubai Mypbx Dubai, you have the option to select the connection technology that suits your business needs in the best possible way. You can opt for the internet protocol-based solutions that include SIP Trunking. This can eventually help you to save up to fifty percent of the calling fee.

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