What Is a Fiber Optic Splitter?

In today’s optical network topologies, the advent of fiber optic splitter contributes to helping users maximize the performance of optical network circuits. Fiber optic splitter, also referred to as optical splitter, or beam splitter, is an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device that can split an incident light beam into two or more light beams, and vice […]

Cable Tray – Galvanized & Powder Coated

In the electrical wiring of buildings, a cable tray system is used to support insulated electric cables used for power distribution and communication. Cable trays are used as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems, and are commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction. They are especially useful in situations […]

Network Cable Connectors Types

In Network Cabling, beside cables, there are also Network Cable Connectors. There are different types of networking connectors are used for different purposes in network World. Here, we will see the common connectors of networking. Now, let’s focus each of these Network connectors. RJ45 (Copper Cable Connector) RJ45 (Registered Jack 45) is one of the most used networking connector in […]

Explore the Many Devices Designed to Boost your Digital Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is no longer dependent on the physical capacity of your computer. Many options exist to hold your files while saving storage space on your computer, phone, or tablet. If your devices are slow and running out of space, you can offload files onto a physical storage device. Or better yet, use the best […]

Fiber Optic Cable Installation in kenya

Fiber optics cabling consist of glass fibers, wound inside heavy insulated casing, designed for long distance, high-bandwidth communications. Fiber optic is the future of network cabling and the future is here and now. Upgrade your system wiring to a more sophisticated and flexible fiber optic network. Fiber optic cabling consists of more efficient glass fibers wound inside a heavily insulated […]

Network And Computer Equipment Supply

We supply a wide range of networking equipment, Projectors, Computers, Printers, Computer Accessories, Network Accessories, Data Cabinets, Cables, Surveillance Cameras-CCTV, Cisco switches and Routers, Conduits, D-Link Routers, Switches and Related products, HUAWEI sim card gateways, Mikrotik routers, Nanny Cameras/Hidden Cameras, Biometric and RFID Security access control, Servers,  Ip and Analogue Telephone and PABX, TP-LINK products, […]

How to Choose a Video Surveillance System for Your Business

Here is everything you need to know before purchasing a video surveillance system. Video surveillance can protect your business from theft, intrusion, fire, flood or burglary. Before you evaluate systems, think about what types of cameras you want, what type of storage you need, and the areas of your business that need protection. The two […]

Security Cameras vs Surveillance Cameras: Pros and Con

n our technological era, there has been a tremendous increase in families building their own custom  smart homes, otherwise known as properties that are equipped with security, home automation, and round-the-clock surveillance. The development of technology has also led to an increase in the variety of cameras homeowners can use to protect their homes, with the popular being security cameras and surveillance cameras.  Security […]

How To Choose Automatic Gates in Kenya

Automatic gates move thanks to a motor operated by a remote control that sends an impulse to the control unit that activates the motor. The control unit also detects other signals such as those of the photocells. The photocell is a component that constantly communicates with the control unit. It’s essential to avoid crushing people […]