Suprema adds fingerprint model of X-Station 2

Suprema announces the launch of an upgraded version of its X-Station 2 access control terminal, which now supports fingerprint authentication. In May 2021, Suprema launched four models of X-Station 2, a next-generation “versatile intelligent terminal” that supports a variety of authentication methods from mobile access cards to RFID cards, QR codes and barcodes. The newest […]

Suprema achieves No. 1 market share in the global biometric market

According to the latest report by Omdia, a global market research firm, Suprema ranks first in global market share, excluding China in the field of biometric readers. Suprema is a provider of access control solutions, including biometric terminals. Omdia said in their Access Control Database 2021 Analysis that Suprema recorded a global market share of […]


Introducing the heir to the throne of high-volume vehicular access control. With an updated look that perfectly matches its superior performance, an optimised design for the ultimate in ease of installation and boasting the awe-inspiring speed that made its predecessor king of the access control jungle, the SECTOR II is the embodiment of automation evolution. MAIN FEATURES: High-volume capability. Battery backup. Rapid boom pole raising (3 […]


In Kenya, electric fences are a popular security solution for commercial, industrial and domestic installations but many property owners are clueless about the legal requirements for their electric fencing or that such requirements even exist. While electric fencing may be considered as the most effective method of deterring intruders, it must always be remembered that, […]

What You Need to Know About Kyocera Printers

When you start researching Kyocera copiers and printers, you can quickly see a few recurring themes. They’re considered highly reliable, cost-efficient and ahead of the pack when it comes to sustainability.  This review is going to cover what you need to know about Kyocera as an organization, their line copiers and printers, as well as a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right One

Printers are one of the most asked-about tech products on the market. They offer so many possibilities these days with varying features and functions. And if treated with care, a consumer model printer can last many years. That’s why it’s essential to pick one that you can see yourself using for the life of your […]

End-to-End Encryption with HP Printers

Why End-to-End-Encryption? Encrypting communication that takes place via the internet is now considered standard. This applies not only to online banking, but also to normal corporate websites or chat in social networks like WhatsApp. This trend increased in pace in the summer of 2013 with Edward Snowden’s revelations and even further with the Safe Harbor […]

Manage company-wide printing with confidence through HP Laserjet MFP printers

HP’s LaserJet Pro MFP printers are multi-functional printers that perform all three operations of printing, copying, and scanning. These printers are ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises which require an all-in-one printing solution but in a compact form factor. In this blog, we will take a look at HP Laserjet Pro MFP specs and review, […]

Why are HP Printers Popular

HP Printers are known worldwide and the name is synonymous with quality. Previously being known as Hewlett-Packard, over the past few years they had a complete revamp of the brand along with improved products and services. Besides the quality aspect, why are they so popular? HP believes that they can create technology that makes life […]