Power Tools and Electricals

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Power Tools and Electricals

DataWorld  is one-stop Power tools & Electrical supply store with the widest selection of indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical fittings, emergency lighting and all of your electrical needs. Whether a home owner shopping for a single light fixture or a contractor wiring a new construction, Power Max has what you want. At DataWorld  , we offer thousands of deals on the latest in power and electrical and tools spanning the full range of UPS, PDU, Extensions cables, hand tools, measurement & analysis, DIY parts & components, power tools. To cover all your needs, you’ll love our power tools,  parts and components, tools accessories, tool kits, and hand tools. Enjoy hundreds of bargains on the very best precision tools including hand tools and measurement and analysis. For those who love cutting edge technology and tinkering, shop our electrical and home makeover needs, get your next tool online from GearBest. Our special electrical tools and tool set deals are perfect for electricians, handyman, home owners, joiners, landlords, maintenance departments, auto mechanics, and realtors today.

KSh 6,000.00 ex VAT KSh 6,960.00 inc VAT

Electrical Wires and Cables

Galvanized 6mm guy wire 150 Meters

KSh 15,000.00 ex VAT KSh 17,400.00 inc VAT
KSh 2,500.00 ex VAT KSh 2,900.00 inc VAT
KSh 5,500.00 ex VAT KSh 6,380.00 inc VAT
KSh 44,000.00 ex VAT KSh 51,040.00 inc VAT
KSh 100,000.00 ex VAT KSh 116,000.00 inc VAT
KSh 110,000.00 ex VAT KSh 127,600.00 inc VAT
KSh 35,000.00 ex VAT KSh 40,600.00 inc VAT
KSh 505,000.00 ex VAT KSh 585,800.00 inc VAT
KSh 9,350.00 ex VAT KSh 10,846.00 inc VAT
KSh 26,400.00 ex VAT KSh 30,624.00 inc VAT
KSh 9,600.00 ex VAT KSh 11,136.00 inc VAT
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