IP PBX SYSTEM Telephone System Superior Telephone Systems for Uplifting Your Business

DataWolrd holds a great reputation in the world of information technology services and telephone systems. Our services are unmatchable because we are continuously striving for perfection. We offer you highly competent support and business telephone systems across the Kenya and East Africa. We do understand that is not possible to run a business successfully without having quality communication services between the staff and the customers. We offer the best telephone system that can help to take your business to another level. Let us give you a brief overview of our office telephone system in Kenya.

Telecommunication is the key element of the business. Reliable communication is the unique combination of getting the right product and price altogether. Thinking of buying the cheapest solution is a sign of a false economy as it fails to meet your specific needs. Dataworld realizes this act and therefore it provides your business with a broad range of quality services and products at prices you can afford.

Despite what you need, we are here to help you by providing matching products and services, according to your need. To make sure you make the most out of them, we also offer help and support. So, if you want a friendly gimmick free service that is easy to understand and supports you wherever you need it, then you need us! Following are a few points to help you understand what we do.

We supply and install the best telecom solutions for your business. These solutions include the latest generation of telephone systems. Before prescribing you something for your needs, we first check your business infrastructure and what you are trying to achieve. These two things prove our Excellency.

Superior and flawless office telephone systems

The following are some of the best office telephone systems offered by Datawold is tailored to the needs of the customer. Dataworld offers a vast array of high-end products at quite an affordable price. We don’t work for your company. Instead, we tend to work within your company when you are trusting us for providing you with the best. We integrate network services to prolific creative opportunities for your business. Following are a few things we do for the betterment of your business.

Who We Work With

Dataworld equips your business with the best Telecom tech in the market. It does so by supplying communication systems from top brands in the market. Yes, we only deal in the products of leading brands. We value your business as much as you do and to show it, we only work with the best manufacturers to provide your business with leading-edge technology. Following are the brands we proudly represent!

  • Cisco Telephone system
  • Avaya Telephone system
  • Panasonic Telephone system
  • NEC PABX System
  • Yeastar Mypbx Telephone system
  • Dlink Telephone System
  • Grandstream Telephone System

What is an IP PBX and why you want IP PBX System?

A simple answer is IP telephone systems [ IP PBX / PABX ]are the present and the future. IP PBX systems are more feature rich than the traditional analog telephone systems. These features allow the business to be more productive than ever for example mobility and unified communications. Mobility allows a user to make and receive calls and voice mail from anywhere even he or she is on a business trip outside the country. Unified communication allows the user to enjoy the voice, Video, Fax capability from a single location.

In other words, IP TELEPHONY / VOIP uses your corporate network for communication. It will allow using the single network for voice and data. It will reduce network management and infrastructure costs dramatically. IP PBX SYSTEM and IP Phones are not connected directly through cable. All the IP phones are connected to a centralized network switch along with IP PBX. The communication between Phones and IP PBX SYSTEM completely over the network.

We Dataworld having the expertise in IP Telephony and we can suggest you the best IP PBX system based on your business requirements. Our highly skilled sales engineers and telephone installation engineers make sure your business is more productive with the new telephone system. You can call us during the office hours  to get a free telephone system consultation. Alternatively, you can drop a mail. We will get back to you with a solution. 

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