Suprema adds fingerprint model of X-Station 2

Suprema XS2-OAPB X-Station 2 Multiclass Card & Fingerprint Reader

Suprema announces the launch of an upgraded version of its X-Station 2 access control terminal, which now supports fingerprint authentication.

In May 2021, the brand launched four models of X-Station 2, a next-generation “versatile intelligent terminal” that supports a variety of authentication methods. They include mobile access cards, RFID cards, QR codes, and barcodes. The newest X-Station 2 model comes equipped with a fingerprint recognition module that provides more options for customers.

Main Features of X-Station 2

• Support for various authentication methods such as mobile access, QR codes, fingerprints and RFID cards.

• Fraud prevention via authentication photos using a built-in camera.

• A convenient four-inch touch screen.

• Up to 500,000 users can be stored and processed.

Suprema CEO Hanchul Kim said: “With COVID-19 increasing the demand for smartphone-based, non face-to-face solutions, we received good reviews following the original launch of our X-Station 2 mobile access authentication terminal. The newly launched X-Station 2 fingerprint model diversifies contactless authentication options to customers who use existing biometric information. They can now enjoy the same level of security-performance, while offering users the convenience and peace of mind that mobile access brings.”

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