Elevating Power Protection in Kenya with APC Smart-UPS Series

Ensuring uninterrupted power supply is not just a necessity—it’s a critical investment. APC by Schneider Electric, a leader in power protection solutions, offers the Smart-UPS series, renowned for its reliability, intelligence, and efficiency. The APC Smart-UPS series in Kenya is designed to cater to a wide range of needs, from small and medium businesses to large enterprises, providing safe, stable, and sustainable power protection. Let’s dive into the features and benefits of various models within this series.

Elevating Power Protection in Kenya with APC Smart-UPS Series

APC SMART-UPS C 1000VA LCD 230V with SmartConnect (SMC1000IC)

The SMC1000IC model is an intelligent, compact UPS designed for reliable power protection for small business servers, network devices, and point-of-sale (POS) equipment. It features an intuitive LCD interface that provides clear and precise information at a glance, ensuring easy monitoring and control. The SmartConnect feature allows for secure, cloud-enabled monitoring, offering peace of mind through easy access to the status of your UPS.

APC Smart-UPS C 1000VA LCD RM 2U 230V with SmartConnect (SMC1000I-2UC)

Designed for server rooms and network closets, the SMC1000I-2UC provides efficient, network-grade power protection. Its rack-mountable design saves valuable space, while the SmartConnect feature enables remote monitoring and management, facilitating proactive maintenance and timely notifications about the health and status of your UPS.

APC Smart-UPS C 1500VA LCD 230V with SmartConnect

The Smart-UPS series further extends its offerings with the SMC1500IC and SMT1500IC models, both delivering 1500VA of power. These UPS systems are tailored for high-performance computer systems, routers, modems, external storage devices, and other critical electronics. They feature advanced battery management that prolongs battery life, an LCD display for easy configuration and management, and SmartConnect for remote monitoring.

APC Smart-UPS C 1500VA LCD Rack Mount 2U 230V with SmartConnect (SMC1500I-2UC)

For businesses that require rack-mounted power protection, the SMC1500I-2UC offers a perfect blend of power capacity and efficient use of space. It delivers reliable, network-grade power with advanced battery management within a 2U rack space, complemented by the SmartConnect feature for seamless network connectivity and monitoring.

APC Smart-UPS C 2000VA LCD 230V (SMC2000I) & APC Smart-UPS C 2000VA LCD RM 2U 230V with SmartConnect (SMC2000I-2U)

The 2000VA models are ideal for servers, point-of-sale, routers, switches, hubs, and other network devices. These UPS systems ensure consistent and reliable power protection with the flexibility of tower or rack-mounted configurations. The inclusion of SmartConnect enables automated notifications, firmware updates, and advanced monitoring features.

APC SMART-UPS C 3000VA LCD 230V (SMC3000I) & APC SMART-UPS C 3000VA Rack Mount LCD 230V (SMC3000RMI2U)

At the top of the series, the 3000VA models provide the highest power capacity for supporting multiple servers and network devices, ensuring operational continuity even in the most demanding power conditions. These systems are designed for ease of use with intuitive LCD displays, advanced battery management, and the SmartConnect feature for comprehensive monitoring and management.

Why Choose APC Smart-UPS?

  • Reliable Power Protection: APC Smart-UPS series offers guaranteed power and surge protection for wireless networks, computers, gaming consoles, and other electronics.
  • Intelligent Battery Management: Pioneered by APC, this feature maximizes battery performance and life through intelligent, precision temperature compensated charging.
  • SmartConnect: An innovative feature that allows easy monitoring of your UPS through a secure web portal, enabling you to view the status of your UPS, receive notifications, firmware updates, and more.
  • Versatile Configuration: Available in tower and rack-mounted designs, these UPS systems can easily integrate into any business environment.

Investing in APC Smart-UPS ensures that your business’s critical systems remain operational, regardless of power interruptions, fluctuations, or outages. With a range of capacities and configurations, there’s a Smart-UPS model to meet every requirement, providing Kenyan businesses with the power protection they need to thrive in a connected world. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, APC’s Smart-UPS series offers a sophisticated solution that combines reliability, manageability, and intelligence in power protection.

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