Why you Need Data and Server Cabinets

Why you Need Data and Server Cabinets
  • Cost Benefit

People may think that by having all of these options available the cost will be excessive; however, if the correct processes are in place this is not the case. Although there may not be finished goods in place, companies that manufacture configurable racks stock a lot of in process inventory. An example of this would be the main channels that make a 48RU rack. Main channels are cut and formed and ready to be welded together with the top and the base. They only move to welding once a PO is placed because until the order is placed you do not know if those main channels will be used on a 24 inch wide cabinet, a 29 inch wide cabinet or a 32 inch wide cabinet. You also do not know if the depth of the cabinet will be 42, 45 or 48 inches until the PO comes in. All of the components are built in volume waiting for the purchase orders to come in.  Once the PO is received, the racks and accessories go through welding, grinding, painting and assembly.

  • Time Benefit

The other thought some have regarding racks that are configured is that the lead times are very long. Again, if there are sound processes in place as well as component inventory, lead times can be less than two weeks. With all of the components complete, the only operations left are not set-up intensive so they are completed very quickly. Painting and assembly can be done in a day or two. If you are trying to deliver a configured server rack and do not have the component inventory or the correct processes in place, lead times will be extremely long. When you look at a server rack you may just see a frame, doors, top panel and side panels but there are many components that go into building each of these, so it is important to work with a company that specializes in building racks this way.

  • Quality Benefit

Another benefit of purchasing a data center rack that has been configured is that you are buying from a company that is usually manufacturing in the same country you are in. Most of us like to support local businesses, and we often feel that we are getting a better, higher quality product when we do this. It is also easy to contact the factory when there is an issue or a question regarding the product. If there are questions about your configuration or which accessory would best suit your requirement, sales and engineering support is readily available. Expediting a delivery or pushing one out is very difficult if the product has to be shipped on a boat, but it is very easy to do when it only has to be shipped by truck. Companies that offer configurable racks may also let you come into their factory to see how the product is built and tour their showroom so that you can see all of the available options prior to placing a purchase order.

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