Western Digital CCTV Purple Hard Drive

Western Digital (WD) is a well-recognised Surveillance Harddisk brand that has officially released its line of CCTV hard dISKS for virtually every type of CCTV Security application. WD CCTV Hard Disk delivers high performance optimised with compatible firmware for CCTV surveillance purposes. The WD Purple HDD is known as Surveillance Hard Disk. This HDD is designed for 24/7 monitoring, able to link up to 64 cameras to your security system. Western Digital CCTV hard drives to determine popular with its performance, reliability and offers value in the surveillance storage range.

The Hard Drives for CCTV classified with its drive incorporated capacity. Workload Rate defined as the amount of user data transferred to or from the hard drive. The Purple Hard Drives are capable of handling the workload rate of up to 180 TB/yr. These Security Hard Drives are engineered primarily for running under high temperature and quality video playback when you need it most. Western Digital CCTV Hard Disks also offered with IntelliSeek technology which ensures Low power consumption, Noice, Vibration and damaging ambient.

What is Western Digital CCTV Purple Hard Drive

The Purple Hard Drives from WD designed for NVR and DVR CCTV Systems. WD has revealed its purple line of surveillance hard drives available in sizes of 1TB to 12TB. These drives optimized explicitly for compatibility with CCTV software and surveillance systems making it easier to adapt the equipment, by linking additional cameras, at a later stage.WD Purple HDDs are designed for both DVR and NVR security systems and are compatible with many of the leading surveillance and security manufacturers such as Samsung, Axis, Dahua, UNV, Hikvision, and Bosch.

Drives used for surveillance purposes must prove dependable and of exceptional quality. Operating around the clock, it is continuously writing data and subject to high temperatures, wear and tear. Continuous operations always needed for security monitoring, and not just any old hard drive will do. The Western Digital CCTV hard drive has been created to support surveillance including the delivery of high definition playback. The firmware included in these drives is compatible with CCTV systems. For this reason, the WD line of surveillance drives is considered more reliable and superior for security purposes. The goal was to develop a safe and efficient product line so you can rest assured your storage drives are performing at optimum levels.

The Purpose of WD CCTV Hard Drives

The Western Digital CCTV hard drives optimized for compatibility with surveillance firmware and applications. It is targeted at the home, small office and startup to medium-sized businesses. The discs include data writing for up to 180TB per year making it a reliable product for securing CCTV Surveillance Videos. WD shares its 3-year limited warranty with the Purple surveillance hard drive range.

Western Digital has adopted a confident and competitive approach by offering an innovative line of surveillance specific drives are more efficient than other brands. It claims to be the only provider able to support up to 64 cameras owing to its wider performance gap. According to an analysis completed by WD, the purple drives have been shown to perform an average of 5% more efficiently than the HDD surveillance drives of other suppliers.

Simple Integration Solutions

The favorability of the WD Hard Disk is the flexibility it offers. The purple drives fully optimized for compatibility with different types of surveillance equipment. It provides the freedom to upgrade the system as needed and as can be afforded.

Western Digital recommended by many CCTV surveillance installers owing to its smooth and straightforward integration. The optimization and firmware help you find a drive and product compatible with an NVR system. The reduced power usage regulates internal temperatures helping best protect your CCTV apparatus against damages, but also nuisances such as high-pitched sounds and vibrations.

Whether your CCTV Project possesses a DVR or an NVR system, the Western Digital CCTV hard drive incorporated for these systems. These hard drives are easily integrated because WD has focused on creating a product line that can use with most of the top surveillance equipment on the market. This makes it easier to establish your CCTV setup. If you are familiar with the connections for a security system, you can quickly complete the changes without having to call on a professional installer.

The larger hard drive has been developed to provide hours of footage around the clock with minimal interruptions. Its higher levels of efficiency can minimize exposure to excessive temperatures and compromised performance. Whether the 1TB or 4Tb drives purchased, it remains compatible with your DVR and NVR system. A favorable feature provided by WD is the software download for future compatibility with security devices. The WD Acronis True Image download includes secure backup solutions and effective data management.

wd purple cctv hdd supplier dubaiWhy Choose Western Digital CCTV Hard Disk

The playback quality provided by your Western Digital CCTV hard drive delivers high definition and clarity. These storage drives have designed for use with surveillance equipment for 24-hour recording. The brand incorporates 4K technology for improved imagery. It prevents staggered images and delays in video playback, ensuring a smooth an effective transition during its monitoring efforts. Contact Us Today. Purchase Your CCTV Hard Drive from WD CCTV Distributor in Kenya.

The WD range is efficient and has been shown to perform at exceptional standards in supported NVR and DVR surveillance equipment. WD CCTV HDD operates 5% more efficiently than its competitors for data recording, reading, and playback. CCTV Hard drives designed for use with surveillance apparatus must provide efficient temperature regulation and performance over 90%, and the Western Digital CCTV hard drive delivers these promises. With its solid BUILT and simple to integrate, you can easily upgrade and expand your surveillance to suit everchanging security needs. Because WD CCTV HDD uniquely developed for compatibility with top surveillance systems. WD CCTV HDD is undoubtedly a reliable hard drive range for all your CCTV security requirements.

wd purple cctv hdd supplier dubaiEnhanced Workload Rating with WD Purple Hard Disks

WD Purple CCTV Hard Drives with 4K All Frame Technology features a workload rating of up to 180 TB/Year. Which is three times more than the desktop hard disks offer. It allows for handling the unique demands of modern surveillance DVR/NVR Systems. The WD Purple hard Disk models 10 TB and 12 TB offered with AI ALL FRAME Feature supports AI Deep Learning analytics. These higher capacity purple hard disk Models support a workload capacity of 360TB/ Year.

WD Purple Hard Disk Models

1TB   –   WD10PURZ

2TB   –   WD20PURZ

3TB   –   WD30PURZ

4TB   –   WD40PURZ

6TB   –   WD60PURZ

8TB   –   WD82PURZ    WD81PURZ

10TB –   WD101PURZ