Traffic Barriers Supply and Installation in Kenya

ZKTeco Automatic Boom Barriers

CMP-100A is a high in performance and a high-speed barrier gate. It adopts a high-performance servomotor, the casing color supports customization. Zkteco CMP-100A adopts a high-quality photoelectric isolation protection circuit to guarantee signal integrity and strong interference resistance. The traffic barrier features a  casing color supports customization, traffic yellow is standard,  drive mechanism and motor that adopt high-negative load-bearing for stable running. Further, CMP-100A adopts a high-quality photoelectric isolation protection circuit to guarantee signal integrity and strong interference resistance, and the control board has an overcurrent protection function to avoid the motor blockage that can result to damage to the circuit board or the motor

. This ensures superior reliability of the entire machine operation. Design wise, the motor and reducer adopt an integrated design with a stable transmission low noise levels, and a compact structure. The boom direction can be adjusted around the left and right. In addition, CMP-100A is equipped with the mechanical limit, and it supports a loop detector, infrared radiation, pressure wave, and digital check. The traffic barrier can be controlled by wireless remote control as well as wired control. In the event of power failure, it is possible to manually rise the boom. There are also a number of optional features that can be included in the CMP-100A to enhance convenience and safety of users. One, the can come with anti-smashing rubber strips on the brakes to minimize the bruises caused by accidents. Second, speed and boom length can be customized to optional 3 seconds (1-meter ≤ straight boom ≤ 4.5 meters) 6 seconds (4.5 meters < straight boom ≤ 6 meters).

Zkteco PB4000 Series Parking

PB4000 series parking barrier adopts die-casting aluminum alloy motor and extraordinary structural design, it offers not only a long-life cycle, high reliability and quality, but also minimizes the challenge of equipment maintenance. It is a suitable choice for vehicle entrance control management.

ZKTeco Barriers Gate Series CMP200

Better experience with auxiliary traffic lights in the main body with CMP200 Traffic Barrier. The traffic barrier supports anti-smash and automatic closing with an infrared detector, loop detector, radar detector. Its arm direction can be altered according to need.

Zkteco ProBG3000 Speed Barrier Gate

High performance, high speed, and high stability the ProBG3000 series is a superior performance and top speed barrier gate. It adopts high performance servomotor, simple and reliable transmission structure, and high temperature resistant control panel, humane interaction design on appearance as well as an impact protection design on boom connector.

BG1000 – Smart Parking – ZKTeco

The BG1000 Series of barrier gates adopts ZKTeco’s interactive LED chassis design, programmable control panel, high-efficiency Brushless DC motor, and SCM421 material gear transmission structure. The barrier has the advantages of fast speed, stable quality, and rich function expansion. It is a much comprehensive barrier gate suitable for high-end commercial properties.

Centurion Traffic Barriers

Sector II – High-Volume Industrial Traffic Barriers

At DataWorld sell, install, and maintain the SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier that offers absolute security for commercial, residential and industrial sites, while at the same time making life easier for installers much credit to its innovative mechanical design and electronics, which reside at the top of the enclosure. Quick and easy commissioning by an intuitive graphic interface flush with features is another feature that makes installation of this traffic terminal easy.

The centurion high-volume traffic barrier helps protect against unauthorized access, tailgating, vehicle theft, as well as circumvention of paid parking systems through its speedy lowering of the boom pole, thus significantly improving security. The traffic barrier is also tough enough to work reliably regardless of where it is installed. The development the SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier strictly followed the recommended standard steps without any compromise on quality or design specs to ensure that it is a steadfast solution of top quality and durability. A hard-driving, high-powered gearbox as well as tough enclosure deliver the decisive long-term performance, placing the SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier in its own class.

Centurion’s SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier features high-volume ability, battery backup, rapid boom pole raising (3 metre version < 1.2 seconds), as well as smooth, intelligent speed control. The barrier also features high-torque boom pole operation, robust, durable and slim line operator casing, LCD user interface for simple setup, and onboard Centurion code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete. Further, SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier features, integrated ChronoGuard timer functionality, pre-galvanized enclosure enhances corrosion resistance (of mild steel variant), and electronics reside at the top of the enclosure to facilitate ease of access. SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier features has a powder-coated aluminum with condensation shield. This lid gives the unit a modernized appearance and safeguards electronics from moisture damage. Furthermore, the traffic barrier features an improved cable routing and securing that are key to achieving a neat and tidy installation. Getting an AC and DC isolation is also pretty easy. SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier is available in three strikingly beautiful colors, which sport the striking crimson crown. The traffic barrier is available in the following three models: SECTOR 3 – Rapid speed high-volume barrier, 3m boom pole, SECTOR 4.5 – Standard speed high-volume barrier, 4.5m boom pole, and SECTOR 6 – Standard speed high-volume barrier, 6m boom pole.

 FAAC B680H Automatic Vehicular Traffic Barrier – Automatic 24V Hybrid Barrier

Safe performance and reliability

The B680H is safe and reliable because it has a Hybrid heart which, coupled with its durable springs, allows it to surpass 2,000,000 cycles of continuous use, raising an 8m pole in less than 6 seconds, in total safety, credit to the reverse-on-contact feature. B680H also features a removable external housing with an internal load-bearing structure. This design gives the system great stability and allows easy replacement of the housing. It is also extremely flexible with optimized logistics as a single model controls passages with an impressive net width ranging from 2m to 8m. The modular boom pole makes the B680H a product that is effortless to manage and handle. Additionally, B680H has a programmable integrated flashing traffic light connector, which guarantees flawless traffic regulation. The LED beam lights signal the closing of the passage even under poor visibility conditions. The traffic barrier can accommodate switching of power supplyto feature high energy efficiency and extended range, which warrants operation of barriers from 100V AC to 240V AC. This protects the system from voltage fluctuations occurring with power supply systems that are non-optimal. B680H further features an absolute encoder kit for total control of movement and instantaneous reversing of the boom pole the moment an obstacle is detected. This ensures that pedestrian passages comply with safety standards as well. The best features of B680H traffic barrier are wrapped by the available backup batteries, which come handy during periods of power outages. Installation of the XBAT 24 module (high-performance Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries), including a battery charger, guarantees continued the operation of the B680H when power goes down.