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Headsets for all your needs

Find the perfect headset for your needs at Dataworld Kenya. Whether you’re looking for a gaming, a wireless, or one for work, we have you covered. We stock a wide range from top brands like Sennheiser, Sony, and Bose.

Our headsets are designed to provide you with the best possible audio experience. Whether you’re listening to music, gaming, or taking calls, you’ll be able to hear everything clearly. We also stock a variety with noise cancellation features, so you can focus on your work or your game without distractions.

Shop today at Dataworld Kenya and find the perfect one for your needs.

KSh 9,000.00 Excl. VAT
KSh 4,500.00 Excl. VAT
KSh 3,800.00 Excl. VAT
KSh 2,500.00 Excl. VAT
KSh 500.00 Excl. VAT
KSh 380.00 Excl. VAT
KSh 320.00 Excl. VAT
KSh 2,970.00 Excl. VAT
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