Gate Automation Services Slide and Swing Gates Installation

Automatic gates are highly sought after security systems for their convenience and ease of use. Due to DataWorld’s competitive and affordable prices that are unsurpassed in Kenya, we lead the market as the best sellers of remote controlled gates in Kenya with regard to unmatched customer service, timely delivery, professional level installation, and affordable routine maintenance. In our store, we offer both sliding and swing automatic gates from the most reliable brands namely ZKteco and Centurion. For customers who already have gates installed, we at the DataWorld Systems offer professional automation services, which involved installation of electric gate motors with swing arms from reputable brands like ZKteco and Centurion.

Gate Automation Services Slide and Swing Gates Installation

The automatic gate opening and closing systems sold at DataWorld are compatible with CA, DC, and solar power sources and they feature a control box that help clients customize the settings of their gates according to need. To ensure the safety of cars passing through the gate, we install beam sensors that prevent the gate from hitting the passing vehicles. Similarly, we provide emergency release keys for use in the event of power failure. Whether you choose automatic sliding or swing remote controlled gates, DataWorld provides two remote controls to guarantee that you always have a spare for ultimate security and convenience. Centurion and ZKteco automatic sliding gate are rigidly built for reliability. The electronic control card on your motor makes provision for the several unique features, such as remote controlled gate opening, pedestrian opening facility, obstruction (“impact”) sensing, adjustable “auto close” facility, infra-red obstruction sensing facility (optional) and normal push button operations for your gate. Centurion and ZKteco Automatic Sliding gates have pushed safety and convenience to another level. They have enhanced the functionality of a normal gate. Also, it gives you the convenience of operating it from the safety of your car.

Benefits of Automated ZKTeco and Centurion Gates

The question of why automate your gate is best answered by the many vital benefits that can be realized from the installation, and we at DataWorld are committed and dedicated to ensure that you enjoy every last one of them. They include the following:


The obvious detriment to one’s lumbar region aside, getting out of your vehicle to open a gate can be extremely hazardous from a personal safety perspective.  We’ve all heard cases of people getting carjacked or attacked while opening their gates.  Having a gate motor installed will certainly reduce the likelihood.  Some modern gate motors have adjustable speed settings, thus you can have your gate open and close rapidly, reducing the time that the gate is open as well as the time that your vehicle is not moving.  There are also some principally advanced operators with innovative features like beam automatic closing, whereby the gate closes the moment that the safety beams have been cleared.


Why go through all the hustle of stopping your car, exit, and then straining your back just so you can get into your own home?  It is much more convenient to press a button and let your gate motor do the rest.  DataWorld sells to you gate motors that offer considerable flexibility when it comes to the manner in which you will activate it. It can be connected to a remote receiver and/or an intercom act as triggering devices.  There are also GSM-modules that allow you to trigger your gate using your mobile phone.  With DataWorld’s automated gates, it doesn’t get more convenient than that, especially in a time where mobile phones have become extensions of our arms and part of our lives.


Though gate motors do open and close gates, DataWorld offers several models that do so in an innovative manner, namely ZKTeco and Centurion.  They provide onboard timers, allowing users to set automatic activations or to bar certain inputs from working at specific set times, the two models can also be interfaced with third party alarm systems, as well as infrared beams to give notifications when authorized individuals loiter close to your gate.  

Total control

Automated gates gives you total control over who enters or leaves a property. DataWorld sells and installs ZKTeco and Centurion automated gate variants with proximity tag readers, which can be interfaced with computers and allow you to upload transaction logs, edit functionality remotely, selectively add and delete users, serving both convenience and security purposes as well. At DataWorld we have ensured that whether you need a swing or sliding gate, light or extremely heavy, whether you require automation for your home or business we have a gate motor and/or access control system in stock for you. So why wait? Automate with DataWorld Systems.

How do you decide whether to choose a sliding or swing automated gate from ZKTeco and Centurion brands? The answer to this question is extensively covered by DataWorld team of professionals who are dedicated to help customers make informed decisions regarding the most suitable automated gate to choose. First, it is important to understand the difference between swing and sliding door.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Automatic Gates

Space Availability

The first factor to consider when choosing an automatic gate is the amount of available space to work with. Automatic gate ground systems require ample space behind the gate. Mostly, the ram arm automatic gates need about 180 mm between the gates. On the other hand, the articulated arm type requirements a large pillar of at least 200 mm for adequate support. As a result, there are many solutions for those working limited space, or explicit requirements in the area of gates installation. Gates must move freely from any obstacles when opening and closing like trees, walls, and steps. Swing Gate is an old-fashioned style of automated gate and it needs an arc equal to the width of the for free movement when closing and opening. Sliding Gates on the other hand these require less space considering that they only need adequate space on either side as opposed to the front of the gates. The area sliding gates slide into have to be slightly longer than the length of the gates. ZKTeco and Centurion offer telescopic, bi-parting and round corner sliders as the major types of sliding automated gates that can be used in limited space.

Sliding vs Swing Gate Designs

Swing gates – Automatic swing gates consist of two levers that open by rotating on a fulcrum. Normally, the doors open inwards, but it can be changed depending on terrain and ground where gate is located. Sliding gate​s – Automatic sliding gates, on the contrary, have a movable part that slides on a grid placed on the ground horizontally. It is an impeccable solution for compounds with limited space.The type of entrance to your property determines the type of gate you will require.  For instance, driveways that slope upwards toward the house work better with a sliding gate. This option takes up less room than swing gates while giving complete access to your driveway from different angles. Ultimately, Sliding gates provide superior levels of security as they are harder to force open.

Materials and Maintenance

Timber, steel, and wrought iron are three common gate materials for automated gates.  All three materials require maintenance, and the level of that maintenance depends on your home’s location.  Both steel and wrought iron rust very fast, particularly coastal regions where air is salt-laden. Regular repainting exercises are required to protect against rust. To address this issue, we at DataWorld can organize for stainless steel gates that require low maintenance as it is resistant to rust.

Power supply Requirements and control systems

Most electric gate systems require a standard domestic power supply in the gate area, which require professional installation to minimize the risk of short-circuiting. This power supply is also utilized for intercoms and lighting systems related to the automatic gate system. Regarding controls systems, hydraulic systems are quieter, offer better resistance to wind, and generally have a longer life span. However, they are more expensive to install. If wind and noise aren’t a priority, electromechanical systems offer an affordable option to consider. In reference to the control systems, the question of whether the gate is meant for domestic use where access and exit can be a few times a day or commercial use where the frequency of access and exit is high should be factored.  For domestic use, the gate operating system will require light duty motor that is capable of reliably serving the customer without failure that can compromise security. On the other hand, a heavy duty motor should be used where automatic gates are installed in commercial property to ensure that can handle the workload in a satisfactory manner. We at DataWorld are committed to giving our customers all the necessary information to ensure that they make informed choices.

Expertise Requirement

Poorly installed automated gates can be both dangerous costly. It is essential to find a professional with expertise knowledge to ensure your gates are installed perfectly, and be readily available on call to provide a flawless maintenance services. Here at DataWorld, we have a team of professionals who are dedicated to giving our customers unmatched sale after sale services. DataWorld provides kits and accessories for electric gates from ZKteco and Centurion, who are trusted high-quality manufacturers