Fiber Optic Cable Installation Services

Fiber optic cable installation from Dataworld helps your business get online.  Fiber is becoming the preferred structured cabling because it can be run further and at faster speeds than typical Category cable.  Also, with recent technological advancements, fiber is more durable and quicker to terminate than ever before.  It provides an added level of future proofing for your network buildout. Our national installation network, experienced field technicians, and Project Managers are capable of planning, designing and installing networks comprised of only fiber, such as fiber to the desk applications or a combination of fiber and traditional copper networks. Once installed, we can also maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade your system as needed. Our services include aerial, underground, between buildings installations, in distance of a few hundred feet up to a few miles.  We also help your business get connected by providing on-site termination of multi-strand fiber.

Types of Networks Serviced:

Fiber Optic Networks (Singlemode, Multimode, OM3, OM4, Plenum):

Fiber optic networks provide solutions where other networks fall short. Fiber optics can travel greater distances, perform at greater speeds, and withstand interference caused by heavy machinery or electrical lines. Our technicians are skilled at installing and working with fiber lines. Dataworld can help integrate a fiber optic network with a local copper network, build a fiber network from scratch, or design a custom solution based on your business needs.

Types of Fiber Optic Cables:

INC works with leading fiber optic manufacturers to provide the appropriate solution for your business.  We will work with you to identify which type of fiber should run.

  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Strand counts from 2 – 48
  • PVC, plenum, riser, armored options
  • Pre-terminated or terminated on-site

We Specialize In:

  • Fiber Optic Cable Installations
  • Fiber to Copper Handoff
  • Building to Building Fiber Runs
  • Fiber to Wireless Handoff
  • Ruggedized & Industrial Fiber
  • Fiber Backbone Distribution
  • OSP & ISP
  • Telecom Entrance Facilities and Termination
  • Data Center Build-Outs
  • Relay Rack & Server Cabinet Installations
  • Cable Trays & Ladder Racks
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Move, Add or Change Cabling
  • Service Calls
  • New Construction
  • Telecom Rooms
  • Union/Non-Union
  • Cable Removal
  • Outdoor Plant
  • Industry Standards
  • Local and National Codes
  • Local Permitting Requirements
  • Project Management & Consultation