Claws roadway spikes

CLAWS intraffic barrierprovide an effective deterrent for high-volume traffic control. They are designed to provide a convincing reason for would-be offenders to think twice before making their approach. CLAWS roadway spikes are built to endure heavy beating without breaking a sweat. They are available in four different configurations. The first one is Flush Mount models ideal for installations that are flush with the roadway surface. Second, and Surface Mount models ideal for installations that are mounted above the roadway surface. The Flush Mount models are suitable for installations that need seamless traffic control for smooth-flowing traffic. On the other hand, the Surface Mount models are mounted above the general surface of the roadway and create a traffic calming bump, which slow traffic for an access control point that is safer.

Here at DataWorld, both the Flush Mount and Surface Mount models are available in either Direct Drive, which uses the drive mechanism of SECTOR barrier, or Independent Drive models that have their independent drive mechanism and controllers.

Claw roadway spikes feature standard modular system that guarantees good stock continuity, modular construction that allows easy transportation and installation of components, and have tough construction built and design to endure impacts from vehicles. With a high-torque DC motor the Claw roadway spikes provide greater reliability and responsive operation with selective High Security and Safety Modes. Additionally, Claw roadway spikes feature reliable battery backup that ensure continued operation even during power outage. They are easy to maintain, thus cost effective, and they feature Traffic Yellow-colored spikes for great visibility during bad weather and augmented safety. There is a model for any application out there because Claw roadway spikes feature four different configurations. For easy maintenance, all movable parts re removable. They also have an external limit switch that provide operation that is failsafe.  

Indirect Drive models can operate independently of traffic barrier units. With an output for robot interface, Claw roadway spikes are easy to change orientation to match the flow of traffic, and they are constructed to withstand all forms of weather conditions. In order to suit the requirements of all types of installations, Claw roadway spikes come in variable models whose speed of operation can be adjusted according to need, especially considering that they can be mounted in all manner of positions. CLAW spikes can move independently of the SECTOR. For instance, they can lower before the barrier raises, and raise only once the barrier has lowered.