Business Phone Systems

Today’s business phone systems are for more than just making and taking calls, with the rise of affordable cloud technology transforming the telecoms industry. Find out more with our guides and reviews, and use our free quote-finding tool to get tailored prices from the best phone system suppliers for you.

What is a Business Telephone System?

The right business phone system can revolutionise the way your team works, and how your business operates. Most businesses are now choosing to use cloud-based VoIP systems, which transmit calls over the internet rather than the landline. Such a system can ease the transition to hybrid working by enabling your team to use it from anywhere, collaborating with colleagues and making and taking business calls from any internet-connected device. Plus, in-built unified communications (UC) features – including video conferencing and instant messaging – can make working together across multiple locations simple.

Business Telephone Systems + Brands

Finding a business telephone system to fit your needs and budget can be a long, confusing process. There are so many solutions on the market that it is easy to become overwhelmed. However, whilst some of the new features available can really change the way your business works, the truth still remains that the brand of system you choose is far less important than the company you choose to implement it for you. For many customers almost any brand will do what they need, but it is HOW they perform these tasks that change everything.

Yeastar Telephone PBX System

Looking for YEASTAR MYPBX UNIFIED COMMUNICATION IP PBX in Kenya and beyond? We got you.
Yeaster Telephone systems plays a significant role in the business success. It enable companies to achieve its communication goals every efficiently and effectively. VOIP technology has brought rapid changes in the communication domain. This caused many business to upgrade its existing telephone systems to IP based telephone systems. If you look to upgrade your communication infrastructure, it is certainly worth to invest in right systems and solution.
We dealer with the following models; Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBXMeet Your Next VoIP PBX- s412-voip-pbx-S412, Up to 12 FXS Extensions-Up to 4 CO/BRI lines, S20 voip pbx, Support 20 Users 10 Concurrent Calls, S50 voip pbx- Support 50 Users-25 Concurrent Calls,S100 voip pbx S100, and finally S300 voip pbx