Burglar Alarm Systems Installation for Home and Businesses

Are looking to secure your home or business premises with the most reliable and affordable burglar alarms by dedicated professionals, look no further than DataWorld Systems. We only stock alarms from reputable companies with proven reliability, efficiency, and solid designs that cannot be hacked by potential offenders. In our stock, we specialize in RISCO lightsys, Secolink, IDS, and Hikvision burglar alarm system brands.  


LightSYS describes a professional hybrid security system ideal for both residential and commercial sectors, which is flexible, reliable, and easy to install. LightSYS is compatible with RISCO Group’s revolutionary live video verification solution, VUpoint P2P, a cloud-based platform, which uses IP Cameras to provide real-time video streaming in response to alarm triggers or on demand, and RISCO Smart Home, which provide comprehensive user-connected solutions for residential homes and businesses.

LightSYSsupports 3G with multi-socket IP communication, as well as cloud connectivity backup. Providing full flexibility, the system includes a number of communication options that include IP, GSM/GPRS, PSTN, as well as long range radio that are all installed inside the main housing. LightSYS also provides many accessories, including wired, 2-way wireless, and RISCO Bus detectors.

In order to feel that you are total control, you can protect your home, business and family with a comprehensive security system surpasses the conventional security expectations. Even when away from home, you can still monitor the security of your premises through an easy to use smartphone app enables you to control the system remotely and receive notifications regarding any form of intrusion or break-in. In case there is an alarm event, your security provider or you will receive video clips and or still images of your home compound that help determine if there is a real threat, and determine the next course of action if need be. It is also possible to initiate live video when need arise with the touch of a button. Any security concerns can be addressed to ensure family and home safety.

With professional detectors for all your appliances, RISCO Group presents our wide range of professional Grade 3 and Grade 2 indoor detectors which surpass industry standards. Our Grade3 range that is designed for the commercial and industrial markets, exploits RISCO Group’s unique detection technologies to offer increased reliability as well as false alarm immunity even in challenging environments. It unceasingly provides the superior quality identical to the RISCO brand.


iWISE describes RISCO Group’s field proven detector series with Anti-Cloak Technology for detecting cloaked intruders as well as heat waves and active infra-red for dependable anti-mask detection. The alarm system is available in several models for Grade 2, Grade 3, Pet friendly, as well as RISCO Bus installation. iWISE features a dual MW and PIR technologies, a 15m or 25m models (50’ or 82’), as well as Anti-Cloak Technology, which is coupled with Green Line for disabling the MW during disarm. Additionally, iWISE features active IR Anti-Mask on Grade 3 models, built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable, and Opto relays for defeating huge magnets. Also features in the alarm are cover and wall/corner tampers, optional corridor and Curtain lenses. RISCO Bus models include an extra zone input for expedient connection of a contact or any relay detector, which saves on wiring back to the panel.

DigiSense Digital Detector Series

DigiSense is the perfect choice for both commercial and residential installations. Based on RISCO Group’s innovative detection technologies, DigiSense is designed to guarantee superior catch performance, as well as false alarm immunity. Due to their identical and compact housing, the installing professional can blend and match several technologies of DigiSense detectors in single installation while retaining the same overall look. DigiSense features a 15m (50’) coverage, 12m (40’) for pet friendly models with microprocessor-based Digital Signal Processing, and built-in EOL resistors. Additionally, DigiSense features a True Temperature Compensation, abundant wiring space for effortless installation, and a free swivel provided with PIR & Quad models. There is also a Variable Pet Threshold (VPT) in models that are Pet Friendly. The DT models include Tri-color LED for effortless walk test, as well as anti-fluorescent interference signal processing.

LuNAR PIR Ceiling Detector

The LuNAR PIR Ceiling Detector is a digital ceiling mount detector featuring a slim housing that is designed with hi-tech components to guarantee dependable operation in an extensive range of applications. The LuNAR PIR uses a dual element PIR sensor with digital true temperature compensation with a wide angle 110º Fresnel lens that provides 360º coverage. LuNAR PIR additionally features with 360° low profile ceiling mount PIR, and coverage of 12m (40’) diameter. There is also a Digital Detector with True Temperature Compensation, as well as Built-in Double EOL resistors that is jumper selectable. LuNAR PIR is cost-effective, thus suitable for homes and small-scale enterprises.

BWare DT Grade 2 & 3

BWare is RISCO Group’s high-tech commercial detector series. Powered by RISCO’s detection technologies, these elegant detectors are easy to install and are ideal for commercial, institutional and high-end residential installations. BWare is tremendously dependable due to its usage of K-band microwave and other distinctive detection technologies. A convex lens provides improved catch performance. A gold-plated wall and cover tampers come handy for higher dependability.

BWare features a K-band microwave for grander performance and false alarm immunity and an internal cover protecting the PCB. Further the alarm features an elegant sleek design with a single convex lens, dual MW and PIR technologies, and 15m (50’) coverage. In addition, BWare Anti-Cloak technology (ACT) with Green Line for disabling the MW during disarm. It also has an active IR Anti-mask on Grade 3 models, Built-in Triple EOL resistors that is jumper selectable, Opto relays for defeating huge magnets, as well as cover and wall/corner tampers. There are also Corridor and Curtain lenses for enhanced detection even in blind spots.

Industrial LuNAR Ceiling Detector

DataWorld sell the Industrial LuNAR Grade 3, which is precisely most intelligent ceiling detector available in the market featuring a unique bi-directional remote control, as well as a mounting height of up to 8.6m (28’). It is the only ceiling mount detector with Anti-Cloak Technology, and it detects intruder camouflage attempts, delivering the utmost performance level even when working in extreme conditions like high warehouse temperatures. Industrial LuNAR is best for protecting warehouses because of high installation height 8.6m (28’), as well as due the available Anti-Cloak Technology, which can accurately detect intrusion or movement in summer heat in warehouses without air-conditioning. The alarm is Industrial provides an ideal solution for this application because the detector is hard to mask or block unintentionally when boxes are stacked up. Most importantly, Industrial LuNAR is compliant with the requirements and provisions of the RED Directive 2014/53/E.

Industrial LuNAR features RISCO Bus detector with Anti-Cloak Technology, up to 8.6m (28′) mounting height, 360° by 18m (60′) diameter coverage pattern, 3 autonomously adjustable PIR channels for customized coverage, and RISCO Bus dramatically reduces cabling, installation equipment and labor costs, while providing benefits of remote services. Further, the industrial alarm features active IR Anti-Mask on all three channels, Built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable, and Remote Control & Diagnostics via PC software or a bi-directional remote control.


The WatchIN Industrial Grade 3 Detector delivers superior catch performance and immunity to false alarms, particularly in tremendously harsh environments like production areas containing operating machinery, construction sites, shipyards, and hangars among others. WatchIN includes RISCO Group’s most innovative technologies of detection that include: Anti-Cloak Technology, Sway Recognition Technology, and Active Infrared for Anti-mask, GreenLine Technology as well as RISCO Bus Technology. The detector is designed to meet PD6662, EN 50131-1 and EN50131-2-4 Grade 3, Environmental Class III. WatchIN is installable on the RISCO Bus, dramatically minimizing cabling, installation equipment and labor costs, while delivering the benefits of remote services.

WatchIN features a 2 MW and 2 PIR channels, coverage of 25m (82’) wide-angle, Anti-Cloak Technology for catching cloaked burglars or in a heat wave, Sway Recognition Technology for eliminating false alarms from operating machinery and other objects that move repetitively but don’t travel, and RISCO Bus dramatically reduces cabling, installation equipment and labor costs, while providing benefits of remote services. The detector further features rubber seal that provides IP65 environment rating, permits installation in high humidity areas like ocean swept open hangars, and it eliminates the possibility of ingress of dust particles common in industrial sites. WatchIN further features protective Optical Shields that excludes false alarms from headlights or sun rays reflected from metal objects in production or warehouse areas. Additionally, the detector features an Active IR for anti-mask, Microwave Anti-collision allows back-to-back or face-to-face installations, Built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable

Opto relays for defeating huge magnets, and wide range of professional swivels.

WatchOUT DT eXtreme

WatchOUT detector series overcomes the challenge of providing reliable intruder detection in outdoor environments above all expectations by the award winning. The upgraded WatchOUT eXtreme provides better all-round protection against vandalism, with both Active IR Anti-mask and Proximity alerts. These benefits, coupled with RISCO Group’s exceptional outdoor detection technologies like Sway Recognition and Digital Correlation boost WatchOUT’s performance unimaginable level.

WatchOUT features a wide coverage angle of 15m (50’) 90°, and long-range 23m (75’) 5°, and Barrier15m (50’) 5°, it is pet friendly up to 70cm (2’4’’), has two microwave and two PIR channels, and also features microwave anti-collision allows back-to-back and face-to-face installations. The detector further features flexible mounting height 1m to 2.7m (3’ to 8’) and wide range of professional swivel brackets protective hood and IP65 environment rating, RISCO Bus dramatically minimizes cabling, installation equipment and labor costs, while providing benefits of remote services. It also features opto relays for defeating large magnets, and active IR anti-mask and Proximity alerts. The following are the model names that are stocked by DataWorld Systems:RK315DT WatchOUT DT Extreme, RA300B Barrier swivel for installation 90° to the mounting surface, RA300P Pole adaptor for professional installation on poles, RA300C Conduit adaptor for installation with wiring external to the wall, and RA300SC Swivel Metal Conduit for installation with wiring external to the wall, RA300HS WatchOUT without electronics for “scarecrow” installation, as well as RA300VC WatchOUT cover with adaptor for WATEC CCD camera.

Beyond DT Wired Outdoor Detector

The wired Beyond detector is the succeeding generation in outdoor detection with an modernized, sleek design. The advanced detector is the impeccable option for private homes, remote sites, and industrial locations. The wired model can easily be installed using the RISCO Bus and it supports remote services. Dual Technology (DT) delivers improved catch performance and pet immunity, minimizing false alarms. Wired Beyond detector has unique detection technologies like as Sway Recognition as well as Digital Correlation extremely diminish false alarms in outdoor environments, such as naturally swaying shrubbery surrounding houses or facilities. Impeccably equipped for the outdoors, the Beyond’s IP54 environmental rating guarantees total protection against rain and dust. The wired Beyond provide excellent installation flexibility that facilitate accurate coverage of the protected area. With the detector’s variable mounting height, Beyond’s flexible installation is further confirmed with a range between 1.8m to 2.7m. The adjustable 180° Swivel Bracket is designed to offer the installer with flexibility to set the range in response to the needs between 5-12m.

Beyond is compatible with RISCO Bus technology for ease of installation, and it features minimal false alarm rate as a result of high detection performance technologies, direct sunlight immunity and pet immunity, as well as IP54 environmental rating for complete protection against rain and dust

RISCO Seismic Detector

RISCO Group’s high security Seismic Detector describes the ultimate choice for all-round protection of vaults, safes, ATMs, reinforced concrete walls and strong rooms, steel armored cabinets, vending machines and doors. It is powered by RISCO Group’s innovative technologies, which enable the seismic detector monitor the vibration and temperature of the protected surface. It will detect all manner of intruder attacks like sledge hammers, Diamond Head drills, explosives, hydraulic pressure tools, as well as thermal tools. The Seismic Detector is exceptionally simple to install and can be installed on the RISCO Bus permitting unique remote parameter setting and diagnostic capabilities. A regular relay detector with built-in EOL resistors can also be used. General accessories like a metal mounting plate, test generator, as well as anti-drilling shield are included as standard with the detector.

The features of the Seismic detector include: Piezo sensor with pattern recognition digital signal processing, temperature sensors detect extreme cold and high temperature attacks, detection range of up to 5m (16’) radius, anti-drilling shield as standard, remote sensitivity reduction input, allows reducing sensitivity during ATM or vending machine dispensing, and wall and cover tamper protection. Additional features include relay or RISCO Bus installation and RK66S Seismic Detector, includes mounting plate, test generator, anti-drilling shield and heavy duty installation bolts.

ShockTec Plus Digital Shock Detectors

ShockTec Plus is a digital shock detector with a door/window magnetic contact for internal use, which provides reliable all-round perimeter protection. A potential break-in is detected the moment an intruder attempts to force, smash, and drill or even saw through the protected window, door, wall or roof. ShockTec employs an innovative digital microprocessor to analyze the vibration signal received from the electric sensor. A distinctive feature of ShockTec Plus is digital sampling of the signal instantaneously in two separate channels, every channel intensified at a different gain. This offers an exceedingly extensive dynamic range of the sampled signal, facilitating exact measurement and analysis of the shock signal.

The ShockTec Plus model features a magnetic reed switch for double protection of shock plus opening of windows or doors, linked to two separate zones in the panel. An attempt to defeat the detector by subjecting it to large magnets causes a tamper, as defined by EN-50131-2-6 Security Grade 2 requirements.

ShockTec additionally features a digital Microprocessor with Intelligent Digital Signal Processing, gross Attack detection, ad it incorporates a door/window magnetic contact for shock and contact protection. Further, ShockTec features Intelligent Digital Signal processing, which distinguishes between naturally caused vibrations and cuts out frequencies that cannot result from an attempted illegal entry. The detector is ideal for windows, doors, walls and roofs, and it has an encapsulated bi-morph piezo electric sensor.

ViTRON Plus Acoustic Glass Break Detectors

ViTRON Plus utilizes a unique pattern recognition analysis of framed pane glass breakage, delivering superior detection coupled with outstanding false alarm immunity. The units, which are adjustment-free and easy-to-install detect breaking of all standard framed glass types and thickness while ignoring non-framed glass breakage and other possible causes of false alarms.  They also offer a choice of wall/ceiling or flush-mount.

ViTRON Plus Provides dependable perimeter glass break detection, and it features a microprocessor-based Dual Frequency Pattern Recognition with a 9 m (30 ’) range with omni-directional microphone it offers dead microphone supervision, remote test without opening unit. The models available at DataWorld include: RG71FMG3 ViTRON Plus Glassbreak Detector, RG65 Tester for ViTRON, and RA66 ViTRON Swivel.

Secolink Burglar Alarm Systems

Secolink Alarm systems feature a single or more sensors to detect intrusion or unauthorized entry into a building or protected area, and an alerting device to signal the intrusion this is coupled with a monitoring service, which alerts a central monitoring station the moment an alarm goes off. Secolink Security Alarms are generally used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties. The alarms safeguard against burglary or property damage. The same applies to personal protection against intruders in areas of residential to ensure safety of vehicles and their contents, or in prisons to monitor and manage inmates who might attempt to escape. Therefore, Secolink Burglary and Intruder Alarm Systems find application in: Crime prevention, industrial processes, traffic monitoring, transport safety, sporting events, monitor employees, government institutions, criminal use, as well as home security. We at DataWorld are set and ready to meet all customer needs in their respective areas of alarm application and needs
notably, Secolink Alarm Systems range come in different forms, sizes and levels of sophistication. Some are small, self-contained noisemakers, while others are complicated, multirally systems with computer monitoring and control. Others can feature a two-way voice, which facilitates communication between the panel and monitoring station.

Magnetic door contact BK1

BK1 is wireless magnetic door contact that is compatible with EXT116s expander and P series control panels. The detector’s major feature is excellent alarm transmission range in buildings with a lot concrete walls of up to 100m. It also features both In-built magnetic contact and In-built inputs for external detectors with unique ID number for magnetic contact.

3 inputs transmitter BK3

BK3 is wireless transmitter with 3 inputs and designed to be used with external detectors. Each input comes with unique ID for alarm transmission. BK3 can serve 3 detectors (zones) with 1 radio device.

Magnetic door contact BK4

BK4 is wireless magnetic door contact with extra 3 inputs for external detectors. Magnetic contact and each input comes with exceptional ID for alarm transmission. BK4 can serve 4 detectors (zones) with 1 radio device.

PIR and temperature sensors BP2, BP2-p

Wireless detectors BP2 or BP2-p are designed for use inside the buildings, where it is essential to secure the area within a radius of 15 meters. The detector BP2-p is equipped with a PET immune lens, thus ignore the animals and pets up to 25 kg. For narrow and long buildings it is recommended to employ detector with an optional replaceable corridor type lens. The wireless detector has a built-in digital thermometer. It is used for temperature compensation. Similarly, it can be programmed as an extra temperature zone. The measured temperature is displayed in the keypads, at the Status menu through app.

Outdoor siren KR100

KR100 red \ KR100 blue is an outdoor siren, designed for burglary, assault and fire protection alarm systems. Source of acoustic signal is high efficacy of special quasi dynamic piezo electric transducer. Two high brightness LEDs are sources of optical signal. The casing has anti-tampering protection from cover opening and from detachment off the base. One of its advantages is very high mechanical shock resistance credit to using the mixture of 70% polycarbonate and 30% ABS. Circuit impregnation assures high dependability even in severe weather conditions.

IDS Burglar Alarm Systems

IDS Fire and Security intruder alarm systems are independently designed for installation in many situations, ranging from small retail shops and commercial office to large industrial manufacturing parks. Security level is selected by our designers using the newest available technologies and the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) risk assessment. This way the precise standard of detection, signaling and verification methods can be determined. IDS Fire and Security movement detectors, door contacts, break glass and vibration sensors are picked depending on the specific risk, employing the up-to-date technologies specified to reduce false alarms, thus provide effective cover. Here at DataWorld we install and maintain IDS security systems in accordance alarm safety guidelines. Our on-demand emergency service is available 24 hours a day.

860-07-558-1 SMS Duo module – IDS 805

The SMS Duo module allows simple end-user control of IDS805 panels from all SMSenabled device. It is custom designed by IDS for the 805 panel, meaning it has only the needed features, enabling simple programming and installation, as well as and easier use. Installation on the comms bus implies less wiring and extra security. Additionally, it features GSM user control of the IDS805 alarm, SMS commands from any GSM device, Arm / disarm, check status, bypass zones outputs control, and Inc 2 inputs & outputs for stand-alone operation. It receives notifications, and manage airtime.

860-604-001 XGuard standalone wireless alarm console

860-604-001 XGuard standalone wireless alarm console comes in Chime mode with sounds the zone number that has been triggered, and alarm mode that activates a continuous tone that only the user can rest. It is compatible with all XWave OPTEX detectors and add up to 6 wireless detectors. The featured transmitter buttons provide optional connection to gate, garage or panic, and it has monitoring status of detectors and charge. The alarm system is simple to configure and use, and has wireless detectors for convenient installation. It has a 150 Meter open air wireless range and rechargeable NiMh batteries provide 20 hours standby use with 2 Year warranty.

860-22-DC-LEADS-SR Xwave2 Universal transmitter

Xwave 2 wireless TX with lead includes battery, separate zone open & restore reporting

862-25-100 / 200 Magnetic switches – white / brown

It features magnetic door contacts with closed circuit, tester holes on Reed Switch, it is UL approved and Available in white or brown

862-01-FTN-RAM-LC OPTEX FIT AM wireless ready – low current detector

OPTEX Xwave FIT AM wireless outdoor PIR with AM, 5 x 1m detector, adjustable to 2m range, wall mount with 190° horizontal flexibility. It features flexible short range passive detector, protects entry points with built-in 190° horizontal bracket, dual element pet PIR, and it is IP55 with UV resistant ASA body. Its optimum operating temperature ranges between 20°C to +60°C. Additionally, the alarm system pet tolerance, and it features both Active IR digital anti-masking, SMDA logic, and performs intelligent detection logic

862-05-360 Ceiling mount 360° degree detectors

360° Ceiling mount PIR, 8m to 12m 360°, ceiling mount PIR. This detector is the best solution for warehouses and shops where shelving may obstruct the view of standard PIR detectors. It has a detection range of 12m with a viewing angle of 360°. It further features dual element infra-red sensor, Omni directional dual element pyro, 2/3 pulse count dip switch selectable, and its mounting height ranges from 2.4 to 4.2 meters high. The alarm system has a sealed chamber that protects the optical system and it comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

862-05-637 IDS Lifeguard II detector with blue LED

IDS Lifeguard II detector,  12 x 12 m, 108°, 6 or 12m range selection features a range of 12 x 12 meters and an adjustable 6 or 12 meter range selection. The viewing angle is 108°, has sealed optics, selectable 1/4 pulse count, and it comes with quality fresnel lens that features an Automatic Temperature Compensation. The alarm system further features a tamper output that is normally closed and it operates optimally at voltage of 8 to 18Vdc and Current of 15 ±2mA. The Alarm output is normally closed and Alarm response period is 2 ±0.5 seconds. The alarm system comes with a 2 Year manufacturer warranty.

862-24-WP-1 XGuard Wireless detector

862-24-WP-1 XGuard Wireless detector has a 9 x 9 meter detection range and a 100° Wide angle, as well as XWave 433 MHz wireless. Additionally, the alarm system has a fully supervised detector signal strength testing and also features a +-14 Month battery life at 50 triggers per day, +-80 Meters open air wireless range, spherical lens and sealed optical design, high immunity to white light, including ceiling /wall mount bracket with CR123 Battery.

862-01-WNX-40PI-T OPTEX Xwave indoor detector

OPTEX Xwave wireless indoor detector that is small pet friendly, 12 x 12m. It features Attractive aesthetics and solid detection performance ideal for standard indoor domestic and commercial installations, including those with small pets. The alarm system further features quad zone logic with digital target recognition for tolerance of small pets. Additionally, it has improved RF and white light immunity with advanced temperature compensation logic.