ZKTeco – Leading Suppliers of Smart Security Solutions and Systems

ZKTeco is one of the top global enterprises that provides innovative and premier quality security solutions to corporations and facilities based all across the world. We take pride in our extensive clientele that comprises of more than 500 international and multinational corporations based in over 100 different countries, and unparalleled experience of many years in the field.Show/Hide

We have earned an immaculate reputation for providing a range of products focused on Biometric Verification Core Technique Empowerment, Smart Entrance & Exit “Person + Car + Object” Software Platform Empowerment, and ZKTeco+ Smart Office Cloud Platform Empowerment. Our services are aimed at the users of global public services, enterprise-level users and personal users.

Partner up with ZKTeco for the latest and high-end biometric machines and devices for your facilities and institutes in the Middle East and all across the world.

We Bring a Complete Range of Biometric Verification Products

The number one priority for our team is to meet the security needs and concerns of the society through technology and innovation. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive range of security solutions and systems to our clients in different parts of the world. This includes access control systems, biometric verification machines, body temperature and mask detection scanners, face lock systems, fingerprint devices, metal detectors, POS systems, RFID attendance systems, time attendance systems, turnstile gates, vehicle inspection devices, video surveillance devices and x ray luggage inspection systems.

Each one of our specialized security solutions are powered by web-based platform empowerment software and are easy to use, scalable and compatible with multiple digital platforms.

Efficient Solutions for Improved Security & Attendance Management

At ZKTeco, we aim to build a safe and secure society by designing and manufacturing systems and devices that use biometric verification and identity markers for the prevention of unauthorized access, bigotry and theft.

Our systems are used to enhance security and manage attendance systems in a range of corporations and are a hallmark for quality, excellence and innovation.

Our Products

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