ZKteco Leading Suppliers of Smart Security Solutions and Systems

ZKTECO is a global leader in the manufacture of hybrid biometric identification technology. ZKTECO utilizes biometric verification technology to create equipment for smart finance, intelligent office, and networks covering the entire world.

Zkteco Modern CCTV Technology

Drawing from many decades of development and experience in the area of creating algorithms for face recognition, ZKTECO has produced systems of video surveillance with an actual face recognition. Through their smart blacklist functions, the security systems can raise alarms when real-time video coincide with the set images, providing security for public building, cities, and important events from potential attacks. DataWorld is an authorized dealer of ZKTECO CCTV technology equipment where you can purchase, get the equipment delivered to your doorstep, and installed instantly by our professional experts.

ZKTECO Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

When fitted in cars, the ADAS developed analyzes numerous external features, driver behavior and the conduct of other drivers, warning drivers of impeding dangers like collision, fatigue, and call for help when need arise.

ZKTECO Stream Face Analysis

The current system of analyzing people in a stream are utilized in commercial and non-commercial real estate management, which include business hall, shopping centers, and retail stores. The systems capture important information concerning the people coming into a business premise like customer flow, frequency of reappearance, age, gender and movement speed. This allows a business to solve numerous marketing problems, improve service, perform a blacklist search, and control security and access. DataWorld is your trusted seller and installer of Stream Face Analysis security system.


DataWorld stocks many ZKTECO CCTV surveillance equipment that are based on artificial intelligence and innovative algorithms for industry and home utilization. ZKTECO video surveillance systems help secure buildings and urban infrastructure.

ZKTECO Smart Lock System

At DataWorld, We sell ZKTECO Smart Lock that combines many critical important functions like access control, time tracking, and mechanical door locking at once. The Smart Lock Systems can feature biometric fingerprint readers, open access by password, and RFID card readers simultaneously. Locks that DataWord stocks are elegantly designe, have high strength, reliable, and wear resistant. ZKTECO security technologies and biometric equipment are compatible with computers and also feature mobile applications that allow for remote monitoring and access management.

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