A Comprehensive Guide to Yealink Products

Yealink is a renowned manufacturer of communication and collaboration solutions, specializing in producing a wide range of high-quality products that cater to businesses of all sizes. From IP phones to video conferencing systems, Yealink offers cutting-edge technology designed to enhance communication and productivity. This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth overview of Yealink’s product offerings, their features, benefits, and how they can be integrated into your business environment.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Yealink
  2. Yealink IP Phones
    • Features and Benefits
    • Popular Models
    • Integration and Setup
  3. Yealink Video Conferencing Systems
    • Features and Benefits
    • Popular Models
    • Integration and Setup
  4. Yealink Conference Phones
    • Features and Benefits
    • Popular Models
    • Integration and Setup
  5. Yealink Collaboration Solutions
    • Features and Benefits
    • Popular Models
    • Integration and Setup
  6. Yealink Accessories
    • Expansion Modules
    • Headsets
    • Cameras
  7. Yealink Management and Provisioning
  8. Conclusion

Yealink was founded in 2001 and has since become a leading global provider of unified communication and collaboration solutions. The company‘s mission is to simplify business communication by offering innovative, reliable, and cost-effective products. Yealink’s product portfolio includes IP phones, video conferencing systems, conference phones, and collaboration tools, all designed to enhance communication, streamline workflows, and improve overall business efficiency.

Yealink offers a wide range of IP phones suitable for various business needs. These phones are equipped with advanced features to deliver crystal-clear audio and seamless communication experiences.

Features and Benefits

  • HD audio quality for clear and natural sound.
  • Intuitive user interfaces for easy navigation.
  • Enhanced security features to protect sensitive information.
  • Flexible deployment options, including PoE (Power over Ethernet) support.
  • Integration with popular unified communication platforms.
  • Programmable keys for customizable functions.
  • Support for various codecs and protocols.
  • Yealink T4 Series: Including models like the T40G, T42S, T46S, and T48S, these phones offer a balance of features and affordability.
  • Yealink T5 Series: The T53, T54W, and T57W are part of this series, offering advanced features like built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Yealink CP Series: Combining the functionality of a IP phone and a conference phone, models like the CP960 are ideal for both personal and group communication.

Integration and Setup

Yealink IP phones are designed to seamlessly integrate with various unified communication platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more. Setting up Yealink IP phones involves connecting them to your network and configuring them through a user-friendly web interface.

Yealink’s video conferencing systems provide an immersive and collaborative experience for remote teams, enabling face-to-face communication regardless of geographical locations.

Features and Benefits

  • High-definition video and audio quality for lifelike interactions.
  • Content sharing capabilities for presentations and document collaboration.
  • Wide-angle cameras with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) functionality.
  • Noise-cancellation technology for clear audio even in noisy environments.
  • Integration with popular video conferencing platforms.
  • Multi-site conferencing for connecting multiple locations.
  • Yealink VC Series: This includes models like the VC200, VC500, and VC800, catering to small huddle rooms up to large conference rooms.
  • Yealink CP960-UVC Series: Combining an audio conference phone with a video conferencing system, these models offer an all-in-one solution.

Integration and Setup

Setting up Yealink video conferencing systems involves connecting the equipment, configuring network settings, and integrating with your preferred video conferencing platform.

Yealink’s conference phones are designed to facilitate clear and productive audio conferencing experiences.

Features and Benefits

  • 360-degree voice pickup for full-room coverage.
  • HD audio quality for natural conversations.
  • Background noise suppression for enhanced clarity.
  • Daisy-chain support for expanding coverage in larger rooms.
  • Integration with IP phone systems and unified communication platforms.
  • Yealink CP900: A portable conference phone suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.
  • Yealink CP920: Ideal for midsize conference rooms, offering additional features like Optima HD voice and a touch-sensitive keypad.
  • Yealink CP960: Combining the functionality of a conference phone with video conferencing capabilities.

Integration and Setup

Yealink conference phones can be connected to your IP network and configured through the device’s interface. They are compatible with various IP phone systems and unified communication platforms.

Yealink offers collaboration tools that enhance teamwork and communication within organizations.

Features and Benefits

  • Instant messaging and presence features for real-time communication.
  • File sharing and collaboration for seamless teamwork.
  • Integration with third-party applications and platforms.
  • Multi-platform support for accessing collaboration tools on various devices.
  • Yealink Meeting Server: A powerful on-premises collaboration solution for hosting video conferences, webinars, and more.
  • Yealink Cloud Management Service: Streamline device management and provisioning across your organization.

Integration and Setup

Yealink’s collaboration solutions may require server installation and configuration, depending on your chosen deployment model. The Cloud Management Service simplifies device management and updates.


Yealink offers a range of accessories to enhance the functionality and performance of their communication devices.

Expansion Modules

  • EXP Series Expansion Modules: Attachable to certain IP phone models, these modules provide additional programmable keys for increased customization.


  • Yealink Headset Series: Wired and wireless headsets designed for clear audio and comfortable wear during long conversations.


  • Yealink Camera Series: High-quality cameras suitable for video conferencing systems, delivering sharp video output and smooth PTZ functionality.

Yealink provides management and provisioning solutions to simplify the deployment and maintenance of their devices.

  • Yealink Device Management Platform (YDMP): A cloud-based platform for remote management, configuration, and firmware updates of Yealink devices.
  • Auto Provisioning: Yealink devices support auto provisioning, allowing for efficient mass deployment and configuration.
Yealink VoIP phones
Yealink VoIP phones – Dataworld Kenya

9. Conclusion

Yealink offers a diverse range of communication and collaboration products designed to enhance business interactions and streamline communication processes. From IP phones and video conferencing systems to conference phones and collaboration solutions, Yealink’s offerings cater to businesses of all sizes. By integrating Yealink products into your communication infrastructure, you can elevate productivity, improve collaboration, and achieve efficient and effective communication across your organization.

Dataworld Kenya has an exhaustive catalogue of Yealink products that you can choose from.

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