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The Giganet products offer the best priced performance structured cabling system, globally sourced and manufactured to International quality standards. The solutions include end-to-end Cat 6A Shielded System, Cat 6 UTP System, Cable Management, Wire Mesh Cable Trays, Fiber Optic cabling systems supporting OM2 and OM3, Tools and Testers backed by a full comprehensive 25 year performance warranty. Giganet offers Certified Installer classroom based instructor led training.

Shop for quality Giganet Products At Dataworld Nairobi, We offer the best prices for Giganet products in Kenya, Our Giganet Shop in Kenya includes Network Infrastructure Cabling, Cabinets and Enclosures, Gigabit Web Smart Switches, Network Cameras , Access Control and VoIP Solutions. Giganet products are backed by warranty, support and training.


  • Speed

When it comes to fast speeds, we know that putting numbers on a page with lots of 00’s can make anything seem impressive! The fact is that full fibre is the very best internet connectivity we’re talking downloading files in less than 0.2 seconds flat. Compared with copper and hybrid services, full fibre is often tens or even hundreds of times faster than what was previously available.

Most businesses have multiple devices using their connection at once, including things like desktop PCs, laptops, phone systems, mobiles, tablets and more. Copper based connections can struggle to keep up with these numerous devices and ever-increasing connectivity demands. Full fibre ensures that your organisation isn’t held back by slow speeds, buffering or downtime. This in turn keeps your business, customer service and reputation on track.

  • Reliability

Most of us have been there – that awkward moment when your computer starts buffering and you don’t look your best, but your face is frozen. Full fibre means those days are over! Slow connections and meeting interruptions are annoying, to say the least. However, unplanned and/or unnecessary downtime can be a hefty cost for businesses.

Copper cables and ageing infrastructure is nowhere near as reliable as full fibre. Fibre optic cables send light beams down thin strands of glass, instead of electrical signals which were previously used. As a result, external factors like bad weather conditions do not impact the cables, meaning your internet stays fast and reliable.

Of course, your business may already have full fibre. If this is the case you’ll have seen the multitude of benefits this brings your business. Although the infrastructure is the same, customer service and reliability varies between providers, so it’s important to ensure you’re supported by your provider. 

  • Communication and connection

Cmunication is key for any business; whether between employees and company sites but also to customers and suppliers too. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that communication is key. We need to stay connected more than ever efore.

Fibre internet gives your business the resource you need to provide the tools to engage and collaborate without disruptions. It also enables you to quickly share files, images and data. This productivity boost is key towards empowering businesses to be their very best.

  • Security

As technology evolves, it’s more important than ever for businesses to ensure data is secure. Giganet’s fibre leased lines are a dedicated internet connection for your business. Not only do you not have to share bandwidth with anyone else, but leased lines are significantly harder to interfere with unless the wires are physically cut. Along with this, reliable connectivity means that more data can be stored and encrypted safely in the Cloud. This ensures your data is protected, which safeguards both your business and your customers.

  • Cost savings

Full fibre internet enables your business to be more efficient, which, in turn, can bring significant cost savings. Avoiding frustrating system downtime, coupled with increased reliability and flexibility will save your business both time and money. Full fibre also means your business can use multiple Cloud-based applications. This removes the need for expensive hardware and can bring additional cost savings.

  • Scalable, future proof full fibre for business

Full fibre internet is future proof for years to come and is easily scalable as your business grows. It provides enough bandwidth and speed to support the current needs of your company, whilst also being ready to cope with any future demands.

Full fibre is flexible, to ensure your business always has enough bandwidth, particularly during times of high demand. Our CityFibre Flex product does just this – it has guaranteed speeds of 200Mb/s but can dynamically burst right up to 1Gb/whenever needed. This brings greater flexibility, without the high price tag.

Ultimately, full fibre can bring many benefits to your business including connectivity, collaboration, increased productivity and lower costs. This can all be delivered across future-proof, secure internet so you can have peace of mind for your business. It’s a win-win.

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