Where to Buy Fire Alarms and Accessories

Where to Buy Fire Alarms and Accessories

The main function of a fire alarm system is to ensure ultimate safety. They help warn and keep people safe and reduce the amount of destruction to a building. This is probably the major reason as to why a business will install a fire detection system.


  • Detection System
    A system of sensors and associated interconnected equipment which detects the equipment which detects the presence of fire and provides a warning signal.
    A properly selected and installed detector can be a highly reliable fire sensor. We provide a full range of fire detection systems.
    Smoke Detectors:– Aspirating, – Ionization, – Optical beam,- Optical smoke
    Flame Detectors:– Infra-red, – Ultra-violet,- IR/UV
    Thermal (Heat) Detectors:– Fixed temperature,- Rate of rise
  • Fire Extinguishers; Water, water mist, or water spray, Foam, Dry Powder – standard or specialist, Carbon Dioxide (‘CO2’), Wet Chemical


  • Constant Protection

Appointing security guards or personally being there to protect the property 24/7 is practically not possible. These security systems provide round-the-clock protection against burglars and break-ins.

  • Strong Deterrent

Homes and commercial properties that have burglar alarm systems installed are at a lesser risk of being targeted by intruders and burglars. When infiltrators find out that you have an alarm system installed, they are persuaded to move away from your property. Even if they are not aware of its presence, the alarming sound will scare them off.

  • Uninterrupted Functionality

There are two types of alarm systems. Wireless alarm systems work on batteries and not electricity. Which means they are effective during power-cuts as well. Hardwired systems do not use batteries and consume electricity from the source. So, there is no need of regular battery charging or replacement.

  • Can Relocate                            

The alarm system devices can be disconnected and installed at different places. It is easy to relocate both, wireless as well has wired alarm security systems.

  • Special Alarm Systems

Modern alarm security systems provide the ability to monitor the activities happening on your property when you are away. There are security systems that have an add-on feature of detecting fire or smoke. These systems will instantly notify you during emergencies like a fire breakout, gas leak, or a flood emergency.