Unleashing the Power of Yeastar Modules: Enhancing Your PBX System

Unleashing the Power of Yeastar Modules: Enhancing Your PBX System

Yeastar is renowned for its feature-rich PBX systems, and its range of modules takes the capabilities of these systems to new heights. Whether you need to expand connectivity options, integrate mobile networks, enhance extension capacity, or integrate legacy devices, these powerful modules offer flexible solutions. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Yestar modules and explore how they can empower your business communication.

A Brief Review of Distinct Yeastar Modules

  1. Yeastar O2 Module (2FXO). The Yea O2 Module (2FXO) is a versatile expansion module that bridges the gap between traditional analog telephone lines (PSTN) and Yeastar PBX systems. With two FXO ports, this module facilitates seamless integration of IP and analog telephony. Whether you want to retain existing analog lines or use them as backup lines, the O2 Module provides reliability and flexibility, ensuring smooth communication.
  2. Yeastar GSM Module for S Series PBX. Embracing the era of mobile communication, the Yeastar GSM Module for S Series PBX allows you to harness the power of mobile networks. By incorporating this module into your PBX system, you can easily connect GSM SIM cards and make or receive calls using mobile networks. This expansion module is particularly useful for businesses that require mobile connectivity or need a failover option in case of landline disruptions.
  3. Yeastar D30 Extension Expansion Module. The Yeastar D30 Extension Expansion Module offers a scalable solution to accommodate growing businesses. Designed to provide additional extension capacity for Yeastar S Series PBX systems, the D30 enables you to connect up to 100 D30 units, expanding the number of available extensions. This module proves invaluable for businesses with high extension requirements, such as call centers or large enterprises.
  4. Yeastar EX08 Expansion Card. Integrating legacy devices with modern IP-based communication networks is effortless with the Yeastar EX08 Expansion Card. This expansion card enhances Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX systems by adding eight additional FXS ports. These ports can be utilized to connect analog phones, fax machines, or other traditional telecommunication devices. The EX08 expansion card optimizes your investment by enabling seamless integration of existing analog devices into your IP-based communication network.


The modules by Yeastar serve as powerful extensions to their PBX systems, unlocking new possibilities for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need to connect analog telephone lines, leverage mobile networks, expand extension capacity, or integrate legacy devices, Yeastar has the right module for you. By incorporating these modules into your Yeastar PBX system, you can enhance communication, streamline operations, and stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape.

Note: It is important to refer to official Yeastar documentation or consult with a Yeastar representative to ensure compatibility and suitability of the mentioned modules for your specific PBX system. The specifications and compatibility of the modules may vary based on the model and version of the PBX system.

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