Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 Set-Up

In this guide, we will show you how to configure your new Ubiquiti NanoStation M5

Nanostation M5 Hardware Installation

Press the Port Cover Release Button located on the back of the NanoStation and slide the cover off.

Connect an Ethernet cable to the Main/LAN port. Replace the port cover.

Position the NanoStation at the desired location on a pole and insert a Cable Tie into the slot of the Mounting Bracket.

Align the front of the NanoStation toward the other end of the wireless link. Then tighten the Cable Tie around the pole

Connecting Power over Ethernet

Connect the Ethernet Cable from the NanoStation to the POE port of the PoE Adapter.

Connect an Ethernet cable from your LAN to the LAN port of the PoE Adapter.

Connect the Power Cord to the adapter’s power port. Connect the other end of the Power Cord to a power outlet.

Mounting the PoE Adapter (Optional)

Remove the PoE Mounting Bracket from the adapter, place the bracket at the desired locatiom and mark the two holes.

Pre-drill the holes if necessary, and secure the bracket using two fasteners (not included).

Align the adapter’s slots with the tabs of the PoE Mounting Bracket, and then slide the adapter down.

Accessing airOS

Connect to the airOS configuration interface.

Make sure that your host system is connected via Ethernet to the NanoStation.

Configure the Ethernet adapter on your host system with a static IP address on the 192.168.1.x subnet.

Launch your web browser. type in the address field. Press enter (PC) or return (Mac).

The login screen will appear. Enter ubnt in the Username and Password fields. Select your Country and Language. You must agree to the Terms of Use to use the product. Click Login.

You can now go ahead and input your custom or desired settings. Such may include updating the default username and password to your preferred choice.

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