Should I Buy A Refurbished Laptop Or Desktop PC?

Refurbished Laptop Or Desktop PC?

Looking for laptop deals online, or a great deal on a desktop PC? If so, shopping for a refurbished PC seems like a great option. Buying refurbished computers can save you some serious cash compared to buying a brand-new device. But is it really a good idea? Find out now! 

What Is A Refurbished Computer? 

Refurbishment is the process of repairing a product that was somehow faulty and restoring it to factory condition. This is often done by computer manufacturers like Apple, HP, Asus, Microsoft, and more – if they receive a unit that’s faulty, they will identify the issue, fix it, and then sell the unit as a refurbished computer. This can also be done by third-party companies. 

A common misconception is that refurbished computers are somehow inferior to brand-new PCs, and this is not necessarily the case. Refurbished computers may have had some technical or cosmetic problems, but they have been completely repaired before being resold to consumers. 

In fact, most refurbished computers maintain the same warranty as a brand-new, direct from the factory computer – so in the rare case that something does go wrong within your warranty period, you will be able to resolve the issue at no cost to you.

The Pros & Cons Of Refurbished Computers

Still on the fence about buying a refurbished PC? Let’s discuss a few of the benefits – and drawbacks – of buying refurbished computers.


  • Refurbished PCs are cheaper than identical brand-new models, saving you money
  • Your PC will still be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty after purchase
  • A refurbished PC is tested at the factory before it’s sold to ensure it operates properly


  • You may not have as many options, since some brand-new PCs may not be available as refurbished units yet
  • Some refurbished units may have minor cosmetic imperfections like small scratches that will not impair functionality but may be undesirable to some people
  • You may not get the best performance if you purchase an older refurbished laptop or PC

If you want to save money, get a better deal on a laptop or desktop, and don’t mind a few potential cosmetic issues with a computer, a refurbished unit is a great option.

On the other hand, if you do not want to worry about potential problems with a PC, want a unit that’s in perfect condition, and don’t mind spending a little bit more money, you may want to avoid shopping refurbished PCs.

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