Secolink Burglar Alarm Systems

Secolink PAS and P series panels are designed for small businesses and individual property protection. In stock we have these models: PAS808M, PAS816, PAS832, P16, P32, P64 that control 8, 16, 32, 64 intrusion detection sensors, respectively. All models have the capacity to protect in excess of 4 partitions and, depending on the model of the panel, (minus panels) can be controlled by 5 or up to 31 users.

This is a Control panel with 8 zones. It performs all necessary functions and is suited for the protection of apartments and offices. This control panel is complemented with a function of calling user’s phone.

Secolink PAS816

This is a control panel with 16/32 zones. It performs all essential functions and is suitable for protection of individual homes or villas. This control panel is complemented with functions that allow control of a powerful siren, disconnection of a faulty back-up battery, as well as measurement of power supply currents.

Secolink LCD Keypads

SECOLINK alarm system can be managed by a wall-mounted LCD keypad, or GSM phone, provided the system contains a GSV, LAN, PSTN or VIDNET module. At this time, DataWorld stocks the KM20B and KM24 series, which feature a LCD display and 20 or 24 keys on the keyboard. The main purpose of LCD keypads is to permit the user to arm and disarm the alarm system, show the state of the system, or permit the installer to change settings of the system.

Expansion modules

Expansion modules find usage in the event control panel and LCD keypad fail to guarantee the desired system functionality. The use of expansion modules upsurges the number of zones and programmable outputs (PGM) in the alarm system. There are also other expansion modules that allow the system to be controlled by RFID tags or remote control units.


The main function of communicators is to inform the user or the CMS regarding an alarm in the protected premises. The alarm report can be transmitted through a phone line, GSM network, internet, or devices with abilities of radio signal transmitting. SECOLINK GSM and LAN communicator’s permits remotely control alarm system to interact with smart phone application.

Alarm Messages Receivers

The SECOLINK RCR and SECOLINK IP2 receivers are designed for alarm monitoring companies. Devices receive information from the GSV4, GSV5, GSV6U, GSVU, VIDNET, LAN800 internet communicators. SECOLINK RCR receiver can be scaled with 8 land phone line boards and allows to receive information from the control panel PSTN communicator. Here at DataWorld, we got you covered.