Review and Comparison: Epson LQ-690 vs. LQ-350 Dot Matrix Printers

Epson’s LQ-690 and LQ-350 dot matrix printers are both remarkable in their own rights. While they share the common lineage of Epson’s quality and reliability, they cater to different user needs. In this review, we will compare and contrast these two models to help you decide which printer best suits your requirements.

Epson LQ-690 Dot Matrix Printer – C11CA13051

  • Performance: The LQ-690 is designed for high-speed printing, offering up to 529 cps. This makes it ideal for environments where large volume printing is frequent.
  • Durability: It’s built to withstand heavy-duty usage, making it a reliable choice for industrial settings.
  • Print Quality: Despite its speed, it produces clear and crisp prints, suitable for a range of business needs.
  • Size: The LQ-690 is relatively large, catering to its robust mechanism and high-volume capacity.

Epson LQ-350 Dot Matrix Printer – C11CC25002

  • Compactness: The LQ-350 is notably compact, making it a perfect fit for small office spaces.
  • Economical: It’s designed for energy efficiency and has a high ribbon yield of 2.5 million characters, which is cost-effective.
  • Noise Level: It operates quietly, an advantage in noise-sensitive environments like small offices.
  • Print Speed: While not as fast as the LQ-690, it offers adequate speed for moderate printing tasks.


  • Speed and Volume: The LQ-690 is the winner for high-speed and high-volume printing. However, for moderate printing needs, the LQ-350 is more than sufficient.
  • Size and Space Efficiency: The LQ-350’s compact size is beneficial for small workspaces, whereas the LQ-690 requires more room due to its larger build.
  • Durability: The LQ-690 has a more robust design, suited for demanding environments, while the LQ-350 is more suited to less intensive use.
  • Economy and Operation Costs: The LQ-350 is more economical in the long run, with its energy-efficient design and high ribbon yield.


In summary, the choice between the Epson LQ-690 and LQ-350 should be based on your specific needs. If you require a printer for high-volume, fast-paced printing, the LQ-690 is the ideal choice. However, if your priority is space-saving, cost-effective, and moderately paced printing, the LQ-350 would be more suitable. Both printers uphold Epson’s reputation for reliability and quality, making them excellent choices in their respective categories.

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