Reasons Why Cisco Switches are Best for your Business

Reasons Why Cisco Switches are Best for your Business

Cisco’s name has been synonymous with computer networking for decades. Their dedication to growing the industry through innovation and supporting businesses of all sizes is well known. But, as you know, choosing products to build out your network is an important step. You need to know they will be reliable, robust, and can handle all of your needs. Cisco network switches are a fantastic addition to your network. 

  • They Are The Market Leader.

With over 100,000 data centre customers worldwide, Cisco is dominating the IT networking space. Cisco has recently begun focusing on bringing network solutions to small businesses. They have been using the knowledge they have built up from data centre and enterprise customers. They have begun by creating a range of high-quality products for a smaller budget.

With so many people using and relying on Cisco products for mission-critical systems, you know their range is reliable. Plus, Cisco always listens to the feedback of its users, so you know their products will continually improve.

  •  Leaders In Technology

Cisco is dedicated to improving its products at every level. They often release frequent software and security updates, new products and helpful resources. Cisco network switches are future-ready, so you know you are buying a product that will keep up with the times.

  • Proven Track Record

Cisco’s two decades of innovation in network switches has led to a proven track record of success. They have worked closely with enterprise and data centre experts to improve products. They also closely monitor customer satisfaction. Many IEEE standards originated from Cisco.

  • Reliable

Cisco network switches are designed with quality in mind and are built to last. Plus, built-in redundancy and resiliency feature in Cisco hardware and software help increase your network’s uptime. This increases IT productivity and ensures your network is running to it’s best possible capabilities.

  • Commitment To Small And Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Cisco offers a suite of simple, secure solutions for all small businesses. They have a solution for every problem modern small companies face. The range of small businesses Cisco network switches are built with small business in mind, but with the skills and lessons learned through building their enterprise range.
  • Simple

Cisco network switches are simple to deploy and manage. They help to reduce IT management time by up to 75%, so your IT team can focus on scaling and optimising the switches, rather than dealing with issues and daily checks.

Cisco managed network switches have Zero-Touch deployment and a GUI based network management (SNA) which helps centralise the management of your switches. Their software is designed to work across all major operating systems so their products are accessible and easy-to-use.

  • Secure

Cisco network switches have embedded security features to help seek out flaws, attacks and unknown users as they happen. They offer comprehensive threat defences to help boost your network’s security, from intrusion detection to threat management.

  • Smart

Cisco products are designed to improve productivity and customer experience. Cisco network switches provide application visibility and control, as well as intelligent traffic management to help prioritise business-critical traffic over recreational traffic.

  • Built For Tomorrow’s Workspace

Cisco switches come with Power over Ethernet and efficient energy management. Customers can power IP phones and wireless access points with their switches to simplify cabling.

With many workplaces striving to be more green, the Cisco Network Switch range is moving to be more eco-friendly and energy efficient, without reducing the quality of their products.

  • End-To-End Solutions

Cisco has a wide range of products in the networking industry to help connect, collaborate, compute and protect your business. Cisco network switches are rigorously tested to be compatible with all Cisco products, and beyond. Cisco routers offer high internet speeds and impressive security features. Their wireless access points add incredible range to WiFi signals. This means they have loads of compatible products to help build your network.

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