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Stafix Electric Fence Chargers and Energizers

DataWorld online Stafix sale has the best prices and genuine Stafix dealers in Nairobi, Kenya. You can now get the best Stafix prices, speedy delivery and excellent service from a Stafix dealer in Nairobi, Kenya you can trust. Why Stafix? For over 60 years, Stafix by Datamars has delivered strong, reliable electric fence products to farmers for pasture management.

At DataWorld, you can also compare and find your choice of Stafix products online at the best prices.

KSh 18,850.00 ex VAT KSh 21,866.00 inc VAT
KSh 175,000.00 ex VAT KSh 203,000.00 inc VAT
KSh 136,500.00 ex VAT KSh 158,340.00 inc VAT
KSh 87,100.00 ex VAT KSh 101,036.00 inc VAT
KSh 49,400.00 ex VAT KSh 57,304.00 inc VAT
KSh 42,900.00 ex VAT KSh 49,764.00 inc VAT
KSh 39,000.00 ex VAT KSh 45,240.00 inc VAT
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