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Cisco Switches Dealer & Reseller Kenya

Best Cisco switches in Kenya, Cisco switches are first-line cloud-managed access and aggregation switches, combining the benefits of cloud-based centralized management with a powerful, reliable access platform.

Cisco switches cloud management, thousands of switch ports can be configured and monitored instantly, over the web. Provision to remote sites without on-site IT, deploy network-wide configuration changes, and easily manage campus and distributed networks without training or dedicated staff.

Get your desired model of Cisco switch delivered to your doorstep from Data World!

KSh 90,000.00 ex VAT KSh 104,400.00 inc VAT
KSh 30,000.00 ex VAT KSh 34,800.00 inc VAT
KSh 42,000.00 ex VAT KSh 48,720.00 inc VAT
KSh 14,000.00 ex VAT KSh 16,240.00 inc VAT
KSh 105,000.00 ex VAT KSh 121,800.00 inc VAT
KSh 125,000.00 ex VAT KSh 145,000.00 inc VAT
KSh 300,000.00 ex VAT KSh 348,000.00 inc VAT
KSh 240,000.00 ex VAT KSh 278,400.00 inc VAT
KSh 125,000.00 ex VAT KSh 145,000.00 inc VAT
KSh 70,000.00 ex VAT KSh 81,200.00 inc VAT
KSh 5,500.00 ex VAT KSh 6,380.00 inc VAT
KSh 9,000.00 ex VAT KSh 10,440.00 inc VAT
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