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Yeastar: PBX System | Cloud PBX | VoIP PBX | VoIP Gateways

Yeastar provides on-premises PBX Phone System, Cloud PBX Platform, UC Softphone, and VoIP Gateways for SMBs to deliver UC solutions that connect everyone. Looking for Yeastar IP PBX in Kenya and beyond? We dealer with the following models; Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX Like   S20 voip pbx, S50 voip pbx, S100 voip pbx S100, and S300 voip pbx. Yeastar P- Series like Yeastar P550 VoIP PBX Phone System, Yeastar P560 and Yeastar P570 VoIP PBX Phone System

KSh 7,000.00 (KSh 8,120.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 7,000.00 (KSh 8,120.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 55,000.00 (KSh 63,800.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 13,000.00 (KSh 15,080.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 85,000.00 (KSh 98,600.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 65,000.00 (KSh 75,400.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 185,000.00 (KSh 214,600.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 100,000.00 (KSh 116,000.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 50,000.00 (KSh 58,000.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 30,000.00 (KSh 34,800.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 15,000.00 (KSh 17,400.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 145,000.00 (KSh 168,200.00 Incl. Tax)