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At DataWorld, you can also compare and find your choice of Connectors products online at the best prices. In Network Cabling, beside cables, there are also Network Cable Connectors. There are different types of networking connectors are used for different purposes in network World. Here, we will see the common connectors of networking. Now, let’s focus each of these Network connectors.

RJ45 (Registered Jack 45) is one of the most used networking connector in network world. RJ45 is a connector maden by plastic and it is larger than a classical telephone connector, RJ11. RJ45 is the connector of UTP and STP type cables. It is located at the two side of the cables (CAT-5, CAT-6 etc) and with this connectors we can connect the cable between any two network devices, to routers, to switches, firewalls etc. Here, RJ45 is the point that we terminate a cable. This process is called as “termination” in network terminology. With this way, these two network devices are connected. This process is done with the help of RJ-45 Crimping tool.