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Latest Televisions TVs and Accessories in Kenya

Data World Televisions and Accessories shop in Nairobi is a trusted Television dealer in Kenya. We strive to ensure you get the best prices and product quality from the best among Television suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya. We are Televisions TVs Telepresence Leader. Collaboration & Design Solution provider, Installation, Integration of Videoconferencing & Audio Visual solutions. We are supplier, dealers and resellers of  Hisense, LG TVs, SAMSUNG TELEVISIONS TVs, Skyworth Television TVs and Sony Television Tvs

KSh 67,800.00 (KSh 78,648.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 110,400.00 (KSh 128,064.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 660,000.00 (KSh 765,600.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 306,000.00 (KSh 354,960.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 504,000.00 (KSh 584,640.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 708,000.00 (KSh 821,280.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 300,000.00 (KSh 348,000.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 336,000.00 (KSh 389,760.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 408,000.00 (KSh 473,280.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 300,000.00 (KSh 348,000.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 276,000.00 (KSh 320,160.00 Incl. Tax)
KSh 282,000.00 (KSh 327,120.00 Incl. Tax)