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Cables and Adapters

Are you in the market for new cables and/or cable adapters for your office? Connectivity is the heart of any business. From the smallest startup to the largest enterprise, keeping in touch with customers, partners, and colleagues is an essential part of day-to-day operations. That connection starts with the right cables. We can help you find the cables and cable adapters to keep your business running.

Keep all of your users and devices communicating properly with cables and cable adapters built to deliver reliable, high-quality connectivity. Connection carries a wide array of cables available in every type, length, color, and standard imaginable. We also offer all of the cable accessories you need—including hook-and-loop cable ties, specialty connectors, and more—to make every installation manageable and organized. From network cables to power cords, you’ll find everything you need to keep your devices online and your users connected

Cables and Adapters

Generic Flower Cable

KSh 300.00 Excl. Tax
KSh 600.00 Excl. Tax

Cables and Adapters

Generic Back to Back Cable

KSh 500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh 800.00 Excl. Tax
KSh 1,800.00 Excl. Tax
KSh 2,400.00 Excl. Tax
KSh 3,750.00 Excl. Tax