Network Data Cabinets Server Cabinets Racks 

A data cabinet describes a framework that organizes and stores various IT equipment like servers, cables, HUB, ad network switches, providing maximum security is given to the equipment. In this era of the Internet and technology advancement, computing devices have become important aspects of different forms of commerce, banking, and studying. For Efficiency, most businesses heavily rely on data computing processes to ensure they retain a competitive edge in the market.  This has resulted an augmented demand for computing power in data centers. So business firms are unceasingly upgrading their systems with IT Equipment to respond to the power demands. DataWorld helps business acquire secure and reliable IT infrastructure by selling the best data cabinets at affordable prices. 

Network Data Cabinets Server Cabinets Racks 

Uses of Data Cabinets

To preserve the security and integrity of your server, we at DataWorld Sell data cabinets that flawlessly perform the following functions:

Housing Cooling Systems 

To avoid overheating incidences of internal components of high performing machine, an efficient cooling system is very important. For this purpose, data cabinets feature intuitively positioned compartments that host cooling systems for the server. Further, data cabinets come with ventilation holes, removable doors, and thermal ducts that keep hot air from reaching sensitive components of the server.

Extra Server Security: Data cabinets help secure sensitive data in company servers from hackers and other malicious or unauthorized people. For this reason, DataWorld sells closable and lockable data cabinets that limit access to authorized personnel only.  

Holding IT Equipment and Cable Management: Data rack cabinets help retain uninterrupted communication in an organization by sorting cables in organized manner that world otherwise disrupt smooth communication. DataWorld’s team of professional experts sells data cabinets to customers and further offer installation services to optimize and enhance communication availability in an organization. Organized cables help save on space, reduce signal interference, and ease up maintenance process.

Hosts Many Components and Devices:  IT equipment are configured to work together with other IT devices to operate effectively. The management of such a complex system becomes easier when all the components are housed in the same space. Data Cabinets sold at DataWorld not only hold the components in organized manner, but also have slots where other interconnected equipment can be mounted through bolting or clipping.  

Data Cabinets Sold at DataWorld Stores

Locked Rack Cabinets

Locked rack cabinets feature a lockable door with security mechanism that allow access only to authorized personnel. These data cabinets offer a reasonable level of security and can be placed even in less secure areas without compromising the safety of data stored in them. Though generally expensive, DataWorld offers locked rack cabinets at affordable prices. Notably, the enclosed nature of the rack cabinets does not affect the flow of air, thus no risk of overheating.

Open Frame

Open Frame racks do not have sides or doors and are left open for ease of access and free air circulation. They feature one frame with mounting rails where equipment can be mounted.  Open frame data cabinets gives more suppleness when accessing the cables and total space maximization. They are suitable for high-density cabling systems. Open Frame data cabinets should be stored in secure rooms with controlled access.

Wall-Mount racks

These racks are mounted on the wall, saving on floor space for maximum working area.  Wall mount rack are not as big as the floor-standing racks and are ideal for light weight equipment. DataWorld’s team of experts helps purchase a data cabinet that is best suited to their needs, factoring in the advantages of all models. On request, DataWorld can also organize to have data cabinets customized to fit the system requirements of specific customers.

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