Hikvision HD Analogue HD camera

Hikvision HD Analogue HD camera

Analogue CCTV cameras record images to a digital recorder which converts the video to a digital format. To view the video, the DVR needs to be connected to a monitor or router to be broadcast through an internal network for remote access. However, there are government regulations for the strength of analogue

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Hikvision Turbo HD Analog solution as a top-notch technology enables up-to 500m 1080P video transmission over coax and offers seamless compatibility with traditional SD cameras, Hikvision IP cameras, and HDTVI-compliant cameras and DVRs.
Analog CCTV users can now enjoy HD resolution while safeguarding their investment in existing cabling infrastructure with Hikvision’s launch of its Turbo HD Analog solution. This revolutionary technology supports latency-free 1080P HD over up-to 500 metres of coaxial cable and offers seamless compatibility with traditional SD cameras, Hikvision IP cameras and HDTVI-compliant cameras and DVRs. At launch, the Turbo HD product family consists of a comprehensive, 32-strong range of Hikvision DVRs and 720P/1080P cameras, including Bullet, Dome, PTZ Dome, Turret, Vari-focal, Vandalproof and Low-Light units.
HD Performance at 1080P/720P The Hikvision Turbo HD product family is based on HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology and is ideally suited to upgrading existing standard definition systems at low cost. It retains the ease-of-use of an analogue system while offering up to 1080P HD video output.

Open HDTVI Technology for 3rd Party Device Compatibility

All Hikvision Turbo HD products adhere to the HDTVI open standard, which guarantees trouble-free connection to other HDTVI-compliant cameras and DVRs. The Hikvision Turbo HD DVRs can also connect with traditional SD analog cameras and all Hikvision Turbo HD cameras can access third party DVRs equipped with HDTVI technology from other manufacturers.
Tribrid System – Futureproof by Combining Turbo HD, Analog and IP
The Hikvision Turbo HD DVR offers simultaneous connections to network, analog and Turbo HD cameras, auto-detecting the incoming signal and recording accordingly. This means that existing systems can be upgraded simply by replacing the current cameras and DVR while new areas may be covered with the addition of IP network cameras.
Up-to 500m HD Transmission via Coaxial Cable
Hikvision HDTVI technology guarantees up-to 500 meters of high-quality and reliable transmission at 720P / 1080P via coaxial cable. A conventional analog solution will struggle to achieve this resolution while HD-SDI solutions are limited in terms of long distance capability. This makes Hikvision Turbo HD a perfect solution to fit all requirements. In addition, the Turbo HD Analog solution supports UTC for remote set-up and configuration, and enables control of the OSD menu and PTZ control via coaxial cable. This means that users no longer have to go to the camera to make changes and enables much faster and easier camera installation and management.

Features of HD Analog Cameras

1. High Resolution

Why is high resolution a key security camera feature? Your cameras’ resolution can mean the difference between grainy, blurry footage that obscures important events and distinct, high-quality images that let you clearly identify people in a scene. It’s a good idea to buy cameras with the highest resolution you can afford.

2. Day and Night Recording

If you will be recording on a 24-hour cycle, you should invest in cameras that can capture images during low-light situations. These cameras typically have built-in night vision or infrared lighting that provides the contrast the device needs to pick up clear images when it’s dark in the areas being recorded.

You have two options when purchasing CCTV cameras in this category. One is a standard daytime camera with a night setting that switches the recordings from color to black and white, which helps it record in low-light settings. These cameras are best used in areas where there will still be a small amount of light, such as from a nightlight, the moon or a motion-sensor light that comes on whenever movement is detected.

3. Remote Access

A third feature you should look for in a camera is one that can be accessed remotely. In today’s app-riddled world, this typically means installing an app on your phone or tablet and controlling the camera and accessing video over a wireless connection. However, there are some cameras that let you view the video feed using a special website.
Regardless of how you connect to your CCTV cameras, having remote control over them lets you easily check in on your business whenever you want without putting yourself in harm’s way. It is particularly helpful when you travel or simply want to make sure employees are not goofing off whenever you leave the premises.


  • They are significantly cheaper compared to IP cameras, especially when you need several cameras installed.
  • Analog cameras are easy to use with no learning curve.
  • High-definition (HD) analog cameras are now available in the market and have greatly improved image and video quality.
  • The analog camera’s resolution ranges from 420 to 700. HD analog cameras offer better resolution and image quality in comparison to analog cameras.

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