11 Benefits of Surveillance Cameras CCTV Installation You Should Know

Are you looking to install a new security camera system to protect your business or commercial property? Would you like to see your entire property at a glance from your smartphone and even stop crime before it happens? Dataworld has got you covered, welcome to the world of video surveillance and security camera solutions.

11 Benefits of Surveillance Cameras CCTV Installation You Should Know

Benefits of Surveillance Cameras CCTV Installation offered by Dataworld.

  • Security Cameras Increase Overall Safety- Security cameras positioned throughout a business help to prevent crimes and break-ins. Businesses are 4x more likely to be burglarized as a home.
  • Video Surveillance Can Help Prevent Shoplifting & Theft-Business security cameras, prominently placed, can help deter theft. Did you know, 64 percent of all small businesses fall victim to employee theft, and nationally, small businesses lose $25,000 to $33,000 every minute to shoplifters
  • Prevent Fraud-A typical business can lose up to 5% of its revenue to fraud
  • Video Surveillance Can Prevent Employee Theft-80 percent of thefts happened in organizations with fewer than 100 employees, and over half had fewer than 25 employees
  • Improves Safeguards-Smaller organizations are more vulnerable to employee theft. This is because often, there are fewer safeguards in place
  • Protects Against Burglary-60.5% of burglaries are forcible entry. Many people believe that burglaries are simply “crimes of opportunity. However, statistics show, the majority of burglaries are actually forcible entries (breaking windows, picking locks, kicking in doors, etc.). A good security system, including surveillance security cameras, can be a great deterrent for these types of crimes
  • Improved Perception of Concern for Customer Safety-The presence of a good security system including security cameras shows your customers that you care about their safety and security and can improve their overall perception of your business
  • Improves Outside Security for Customers and Employees-Video surveillance security cameras protect your employees both directly and indirectly. When installed in company parking lots and outside the physical building they can record the suspicious activity and allow company security officers or others to ensure employees reach their vehicles safely.
  • Security Cameras Can Lower the Risk of Vandalism-Business owners pay directly and indirectly for vandalism. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a single incident of vandalism costs on average $3,370. Conspicuously placed cameras have been proven to reduce threats of violence and vandalism at businesses dramatically.
  • Increases Sales-Video cameras can also help you sell more products from your retail store. How? They make it easy to track customer traffic patterns throughout your business. This allows you to move inventory and adjust stocking so that you’re taking full advantage of “natural” high-traffic areas.
  • Improve Employee Productivity and Business Operations-Security camera CCTV systems come in a variety of different image resolutions, integration capabilities and use cases. Some business security cameras are used indoors while others are used outdoors, some pan, tilt and zoom for broader coverage while others are built to read license plates coming into a parking lot.

Features of Surveillance Cameras CCTV Installation offered by Dataworld.

  • Night Vision- Once a feature of high-end camera’s and even then, the quality was very questionable. Modern professional (but residential based) CCTV systems now have the capability of identifying people within approximately 20 meters and have visibility of up to 50 meters. These systems are generally using an infrared night vision technology and are more than sufficient for most applications. In the event that more advanced night vision is required the utilization of thermal imaging is more appropriate
  • Motion Detection -No longer is motion detection technology restricted to the likes of James Bond or Mission Impossible movies. Almost all standard IP based CCTV systems now come with a level of motion detection. The modern systems use motion detection to increase the period of time that can stay on the recorder by only actually retaining recordings where something within the frame has been detected as moving
  • IP (Internet Protocol)-When selecting a new CCTV system, you’re likely to come across two different technologies for camera’s, IP and HD-TVI. Although some suppliers will push HD-TVI camera’s because they may come out to be slightly cheaper the best technology in terms of picture quality and flexibility is IP by far. Installing IP cameras provides a significant increase in quality and ability to compress video footage to retain higher quality footage for a longer period of time.
  • Remote Accessibility-Remote Access capability is a standard feature of any modern security camera installation. A lot of residential systems with 4 or 8 cameras’ come with an NVR (Network Video Recorder) that will come with a phone app from the vendor for easy setup and use by the owner, this provides full mobile phone access to all camera’s in a secure way to ensure you’re the only person with eyes on your property
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)-A PTZ camera is one that is capable of providing remote directional and zoom capability. Generally, this feature comes with slightly higher-end camera’s, but still well within the budget for most residential installations. The benefits of this feature are obvious, with the owner having the option to zoom in on activity happening without having the manually change the camera angle.