10 Benefits of Structured Cabling Services Installation you Should Know

  • Experience Less Downtime. Downtime can cost a business a significant amount of money over time. According to a study by Gartner, the average cost of downtime for a business is $5,600 per minute. An IDC survey suggests that Fortune 1,000 companies could lose upwards of $1 million per hour due to downtime.
  • Achieve Greater Simplicity. One of the biggest benefits of structured cabling services is their streamlined organization. These systems are simple to use and can be easily implemented into any professional workspace. Structured cabling systems are also easily managed and maintained, saving businesses substantial time and stress. For these reasons and more, structured cabling services are considered a fantastic investment that can benefit a business for many years.
  • Save Money Through Efficiency. Structured cabling services can help businesses become much more efficient in many areas which can have a direct effect on their bottom line. Companies that choose to install a fully engineered structured cabling system can achieve optimal cost efficiency via greater productivity, enhanced troubleshooting features, faster rollout of applications and other improvements that help make a business more successful and profitable.
  • Maintain Ample Security. Security is a major concern for many modern businesses. Although new technology can bring excitement and convenience to the workplace, it can also complicate things. Systems can encounter errors or corruption which can lead to downtime and lost revenue. Structured cabling systems offer the security features and functionalities that modern businesses need to remain safe and secure.
  • Keep the Workspace Tidy. Structured cabling services are not only used for functional purposes, but aesthetic purposes as well. It can be unsightly to walk into an office space and see bundles of unorganized phone cords, Ethernet cords and coaxial cables snaking across the floor or along the walls and ceiling. Structured cabling systems help to eliminate these types of messes by putting these cords and cables out of sight. With structured cabling systems, cables are organized within the walls, above the ceiling tiles or under the floors to keep the workspace looking neat and professional.
  • Support Many Systems. Another top benefit of structured cabling services is the ability to integrate multiple applications and systems for a more streamlined cabling infrastructure. Creating an ideal business environment involves simplifying technology in a way that is easily accessible and managed by everyone. Structured cabling systems can support a wide range of systems, such as security camera systems and surveillance equipment.
  • Enhance Communications. Communications are also improved when structured cabling services are implemented by professionals. Today, many companies rely heavily on commercial phone systems to share information between departments, reach out to vendors and suppliers, and to speak directly with clients or customers. Structured cabling services help improve business communications without a major investment.
  • Prepare for Future Needs. Standard cabling systems are designed to meet the current needs of a business, but do not always support organizations as they grow and evolve. Structured cabling services are designed to support a business’s current and future needs and are flexible enough to respond to a wide range of changes that can occur in a business environment.
  • Enjoy a Sophisticated Design. Operations can suffer when cabling systems do not deliver at peak performance. Structured cabling services feature a sophisticated design that meets current safety standards and aims for maximum performance. Hiring experienced professionals to provide structured cabling services can help ensure that the process goes smoothly and that downtime is kept to a minimum.
  • Schedule a Consultation Today. A well-designed and installed structured cabling system can provide businesses with superior performance and the flexibility they need to accommodate additions, moves and changes. The average cost of structured cabling system technology is approximately $2 to $5 per square foot but can increase based on how technologically intensive the project is and the size of the company.
Benefits of Structured Cabling Services Installation

Features of Structured Cabling Services Installation offered by Dataworld

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Better Support for Applications
  • Makes Moving Quick,
  • Easy and Cost Effective
  • Future-Proof Solution
  • Isolation of Faulty System

DataWorld, we design, build and install low voltage and structured wiring infrastructures that will provide efficient and optimized communication and digital technology network performance. Notably, the factors we consider when designing and planning for structure cabling installation are structure of the building and/or facility, the floor plan of interior space, needs and work flow of the current work force and plans for future growth. Optimum function requires careful planning and an efficient network

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